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07-27-2007, 05:06 AM
hey guys, so i decided to initiate a log, due 2 boredom. ok, so hereres the deal, i want to lsoe weight so i can see my abs.

Current weight as of:

27th July 2007 - 93.1 KG

Goal WEight : 89kg.

i have been dieting since september 2006, when i had a very poor diet and went from around 94 kg, up too 99.1 kg. in a few months, i lost weeight down to 93/7kg, and then throughout 2007, i put the weight on, back uo to around 97, gradually, i have been looosing weight, i will start this log from end of july. currently, i have been eating kinda clean, but i am not exactly calorie counting, nor am i on any supplements / fat burners / shakes. i am doing this weight loss on a more balanced diet, with plenty of exercise, plus not endulging as much a spossible.

This is my current training routine, which i created myself last sunday:

Cardio; 30min rowing, 30 min cross-trainer, 15 min CYcling

Cardio; 20min rowing, 20 min cross trainer, 20 min cycling, 15min treadmill

Cardio; 15min Cross-trainer
Lifting; 2 x 20reps leg press, 2 x 20reps bench, 2 x 20reps pecks, 2 x 20reps biceps

Cardio; 20min cross-trainer, 20min cycling, 20min treadmill

Cardio; 15min cross-trainer
Lifting; 2 x 20reps Back, 2 x 20reps shoulders, 2 x 20reps abs, 2 x 20reps triceps

basically, i lift 2 days a week, and cardio 3 days a week.

So i just finished my first week on this routine, and everything was very easily accomplished. the only two problems which i encountered, was on tuesday, with my bench press, and bicep curls. i havn;t been doing weights, for about 2 months, and havn;t done a bicep curl in approx. 8 months (reason being, is i started getting ugly stretch marks on my biceps, and completely stopped). i do 2 sets of 20 reps, and the weights, i do is about 70% of my maximum capacity. for example, with the lat pull downs (for my back), the macimum weight i can do is 200 pounds. today, i done 1 set of 20 reps (110 pound), and for my second set, i done 140 pound.

AS regards to my diet, i do not want to go on strict diets, or plans where i just have shakes / supps / and various powder drinks etc. as i want my working out routine 2 be apart of my lifestyle, in a way where i still can indulge. pretty much, through all the meals, i have about 6-8 meals which are regarded as un healthy. as i work in a restaurant, and yea, kinda unhealthy lol. and more to the point, last couple weeks, when training hard, and watching my diet, i still can lose on average 300 - 800 grams per week, as i weigh myself every wednesday morning, after i take a dump.
newyas, as i finish this log, i just want any recomendatiosn 2 my working out routine, as i felt i need some more cardio, as i am not as buggered throughout the week, like i normal do, as i remember wne i was aiming for cardio for 1 hour, 5 days a week, usually i woould only go for four days, and take friday off, as i was too tired.

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07-29-2007, 10:10 PM
don't worry so much about strech marks as they are a part of bodybuilding but i do think vitamin E helps with that sorta thing do some google research on it. have you thought of doing db press instead of bench press it will help with ur stablizer muscles. also do not neglect ur lower body as they are a major part to help lose weight. ppl tend to have a big upper body but freakin chicken legs. my 2cents hope it helps

08-01-2007, 02:24 AM
been one week, as i wiegh myself on wednesdya morning, so last week, i only lost 100grams, reason being, on the weekend, i wass aprtying hard, and also ate maccas desserts a few times. very very minimal loss, but still impressed, as i thought i even put on weight, as i am on such a low weight, and yea. hopefully, hit the 92kg mark next week.

08-08-2007, 01:18 AM
aight, weighed myself, weight stayed constant as lasst week, probably due 2 myself, etinga buffet on thursday for lunch, and on friday nite, after my reuglar dinner, bout 45 min later, went clubbin with the boys, n b4 that, had 2 quarter pounders, n a cheeseburger from maccas LOL. but i had 2 hard wroking out days and which made me "break even". hopefully next week, i will b in the 92kg area.

08-14-2007, 04:23 PM
hey guys ,thought i do a post straight after my weigh in, as i have lost 1.7kg this week. i would have to thank Hiit for this, as i done ittwice on wednesdya n nthursday, but ireally just jogged on the treadmill, after my already 1 hour long cardio workout. plus i played rugby league on friday for an hour. and i watched my diet a bit more!