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12-06-2004, 05:28 AM
Hey guys,

I think probably the most common macronutrient split for cutting is 40/40/20 (c/p/f), but can someone enlighten me as to what the most common, or a good starting point for a bulking diet is? Should it be the same breakdown as a cutting diet? Higher carb percentage? I have no idea!

Any help will be rewarded with rep points! Thanks, guys!

P.S. Is 3000 calories a day a good starting point for my first bulking diet?

12-06-2004, 05:59 AM
it all depends on what you are maintaining your weight at. if you maintain at 3000 cals a day then you will need to take in maybe 3300-3500 cals a day. the "rule of thumb" is 500 cals over maintainence will add up to 1 lb gained per week. it isnt necessarily going to happen like this cause as anal as you can be with measuring and stat tracking, there is always the oppurtunity for human error which might make you gain more then a lb, lose some weight, or stay the same for week. plus the body works in its own way, sometimes you plateau and other times you retain tons of water so it really varies. depending on your stats and activity level, will determine how many cals to take in. i think 3000-3500 cals is a safe estimate to consume. just track your progress and tweak it from there. if you are gaining .5lb-2lbs a week thats a good start, you want to aim for a lb a week because the more you gain the more fat you hold. as for ratios, i know if steve sees this he'll tell you they are unimportant, but imo they are a good way to structure what you are eating. 40/40/20 is good ratio to go with but dont be real anal with it and make sure it is exactly that everyday. im about 43c/37p/20f on my bulk and it seems to working for me. just make sure to get around 20% of your total cals from fat, about 1.5g of protein/lb and have the rest of your cals come from complex carbs(oats, yams, beans, brown rice, tons of veggies, and fruit).

12-06-2004, 09:10 PM
Thanks for the advice, anyone else?