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12-03-2001, 03:13 AM
I started lifting weights around 8 months ago and have been quite happy with the results so far. I've found the universal truth in getting bigger while eating bigger. In the last month or so I've ate heavy (around 5,000 K) and lifted heavy for 3 weeks. I'm now trying to shed a little bit of what I gained over the next three weeks or so. Then plan to start it over again (cutting/bulking) The first week was a disaster. I cut down to around 2,500-3,000 K (30 min cardio 3x per week) and was going to cut to around 2,000 in the remaining two weeks. I have no plans on competing, just doing it for me. My problems are.

1. My energy level is extremely low afternoon and evening. Several cups of coffee don't seem to help. I had a moment of weakness while at Denny's with the family. My kids all had ice cream sundae's, so did I. It picked my energy level up though. Something that the Salmon, potato and green beans did not do (the meal I ate prior to the ice cream).

2. I get extremely hungry. Example: I ate around 10 shrimp and a good sized baked potato yesterday and around 32 ounces of water. Went out to find those stupid illuminated reindeer that are all the craze this year. Within 45 min of walking around the store I got extremely hungry and agitated, low energy ect...

Stats: 200 lbs, 16% BF. Medium metabolism. 200 plus protein while cutting 150 plus good carbs while cutting, a few days less than 100. Supplements are: Multi-vitamin, Vitamin C, Whey, Creatine (going off of it for a few weeks, then will start loading again), Glutamine (while cutting) and Z mass

Sorry for being long winded, better than broken winded though.

Thanks for your time,
Jim... err Fudog1138

12-03-2001, 04:22 PM
stick with something....either bulk or cut.

I say bulk, its winter. You will be covered in cloths so you may as well be a little fatter and alot stronger since no one will notice. Keep slowly upping your calories every week or 2 or just eat and dont bother like I do.

When you cut, follow a routine of slowly reducing your calories each week. You have to CALORIE count for best cutting results. I say cut for AT LEAST 8 weeks and bulk for like 8 -10 months if possible.

12-05-2001, 09:13 PM
you dropped your calories to fast. from 5,000k to 2,500k is to drastic. That will cause you to get hungry and lose muscle.

12-06-2001, 04:01 AM
exactly what the guy above said, dont start out with low cals, i mean you cut your cals almost in half immediately...instead drop by increments of 500 every 7 or 10 days...

12-07-2001, 02:52 AM
Thanks for the reply's. I've read up quite a bit over the last few days on diet. Yup I'm dumb. I won't repeat that pattern though.
Thanks again