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11-14-2004, 05:26 PM
hi all!
i'm 6'2 about 208 i bulked up and im going to hawaii in 2 weeks i just want to know if anyone can give me nutrition advice of how many cal,protein,fat,etc should i take a day to cut down?
my bulk up diet was 4000-4500 cal a day 240 gr protein 50 gr fat i Have an extremly fast metabolism so about how much i should eat during cutting down i also will use fat burners to help the process
thax all for future help.
i will post pic later

11-15-2004, 12:56 PM
Start at 3500-4000 and lower by 100 each week for 12 weeks. OR lower by 150 a week for 8 weeks. This really spares the muscle. I lost none whatsoever doing this.