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11-30-2001, 09:50 PM
Hi I am new to this board but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good diet for someone who is just getting back into the game. As I have only started working out again a few months ago, I am looking for a balanced healthy diet. If anyone has suggestions on books or websites that outline such diets it would be greatly appriciated. Maybe I should tell a little about myself, I am 6'3" about 290lbs played line in football, caring over from my drinking days my waist has ballooned to 42" and I am trying to get into cardio more then I used to be, but I am really hung up on what diet would good for me. I guess you could say I am an Endomorph. Thanks in advance.

12-01-2001, 12:13 AM
Hey man your measurements remind me of when I was sixteen. I was line in football, waist of 44 and about 300 pounds, also about 6 feet two. Anyway I lost about 70 pounds since then and am feeling great, wish I could help with the diet though. Is your goal to loose weight? When I lost 70 pounds I mainly would eat small portions of things in the day keeping my protein intake about the same. My carb were low and my fats were low, You may have a lot less energy but its a good sacrifice if your goal is to loose some weight. Eating lots of fruit is a good idea if you become hungry and wish to eat.

Cardio is also a good thing to do everyday, I did it at night about 3 hours after supper. After cardio I would eat about 20 grams of protein in case it was more intense than I had planned. These thing helpes me to loose 70 pounds over about 8 months. It took this long because I would onlyy strictly diet for a month or so at a time and then go back to regular eating. It seems to help mentally to do this. Keep in mind this is used to loose weight I'm not sure of your goal. This worked great for me so I hope it works well for you. Remeber that as you loose weight your body will not burn cals as fast because the amount of fuel the body is generally less.

12-05-2001, 01:43 AM
what sort of cardio exercises did you do? are they possible to do at home?