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10-19-2004, 03:13 PM
Hi guys,

I had a pacemaker implanted in August and my doc recently okay'd me for lifting again. Over the last few weeks I've made the unpleasant discovery that not only did I lose a bunch of strength, my right side is noticeably stronger than my left. I'm assuming that at least part of the reason is due to the fact that the pacemaker is on the left side of my chest, right under the collarbone (of course, they had to put it where my bra strap would rub against it constantly grrrr). I'm guessing that they would have had to get through the muscle to get into the vena cava.

This is mainly affecting my chest workouts, but is even getting me on back (pullups and deadlifts in particular) and shoulders, though to a lesser extent.

My questions: does anyone have any advice on how to equalize my right and left sides? Does anyone have any advice on how to regain my strength?

I'm currently using lighter weight and slightly higher reps (10-12) - trying to ease myself back into it and trying to REALLY watch my form. Is this the right approach?

Thanks in advance for your words of wisdom :).

10-20-2004, 12:52 PM
One side is always going to be stronger than the other. If you are left or right handed, the opposite will be weaker. That you had surgery might be a subreason and favoring that side right now could be another.

I have a tear in my Left Supraspinatus (front) and this has been one cause of my own problems with my left and being strongly right handed. But as a jewelry who handcuts her own pieces, this contributes to my right being stronger too.

To help bring the weaker side up, start off with it doing more reps with a slightly lower poundage as a warmup. Or finish off your final set with a slightly lower poundage. In either case, you are strengthening the suppost muscles on the weaker side.

I have been laying off lifting weights for the past six weeks. Family, work at home, "Summer heat" (live in the desert)....and I think abit of taking off time from lifting constantly for the last two years. This I did for losing fat and gaining strength (53 yrs old, 5'6"/largeboned) Dropped from 245 to 175 in a year taking a college women's strength course and this another year keeping up the routine at home. Have an Olympic bb set and bench w/dbls.

Have not noticed too much difference in strength loss so far....but I feel some difference in just overall "feeling". Maybe it is in my mind having gotten used to it for so long. I do have some arthritis in my lower back and shoulders that was aleviated by the lifting.