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10-19-2004, 02:25 PM
I was possibly looking for some guidence in developing a program while training for a sport. I play ultimate frisbee, and we have practice for 2-3 hours, 2x a week. This will be "up"ed to 3 as the season develops. As we are teaching new players, practices aren't as intense as they should be, or as I would like them to be.
During the summer I had a four day split going with some cardio on off days, since I wasn't playing ultimate. With the addition of practice a couple times a week, I want to make sure I don't over train.
I'm also looking to put in a day or two of plyo type stuff to increase my vertical jump, quickness, etc, but I wasn't exactly sure how to add it in (not quite cardio, but not weights). How many days might be ideal to weight train, or what type of split might be best.

Ideally I would like to cut a bit of fat that I gained over summer, while maintaining as much muscle as possible (isn't that always the case).
I'm about 5'5", 150 lbs, and though I haven't had my bodyfat measured in a while, I'd guess I'm around 23%? Oh, and caloric intake, I was thinking perhaps 1700-1900 to shed some fat?
Thanks much!

10-19-2004, 03:19 PM
hi noho, i used to play ultimate and we really kicked ass. this can be a very strenuous sport. foot speed is key. jumping and endurance are important and also agility.

right now is a good time to do the plyo work and other things. if you are doing 3+ practices a week you will have to be VERY careful not to overtrain. the immediate effect of overtraining will be loss of speed.

right now i suggest one 45 minute session of weight training and plyo per week.

if you are doing as much ultimate as you say you are there is really no time to waste on gaining muscle or losing fat. any effort you expend on these goals will cut into your ability in ultimate. you will probably lose some muscle, but if you train smart you can get it right back when the season is over. by careful manipulation of your diet you may be able to lose a little fat without compromising your game.

read articles on this site and others by coach john davies. also read articles by mike mahler and steve maxwell. coach davies also has a book called, renegade training for extreme sports, this might be someting to check out.

10-20-2004, 05:50 AM
I just want to answer your plyometrics questions--I don't know anything about ultimate frisbee!!!

Plyometrics should be considered part of your resistance training and NOT part of your cardio training. Plyometrics should be performed before aerobic endurance (same as weights). Also, you should combine lower-body resistance with upper body plyometrics and upper body resistance with lower body plyometrcis. Performing heavy resistance training and plyometrcis on the same day for the same body parts is not ususally recommended

Hope this helps!