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10-14-2004, 08:22 AM
People in the teen section didn't really respond to this so I'm posting here:

If you wax...

1) How often do you have to do it?
2) Have you noticed your hair getting significantly finer as you do it more?
3) How much does it cost to do like only stomach... how much for whole body?
4) Do they make good home kits? If so what do you recommend?

10-14-2004, 12:58 PM
1) Every 2 - 4 weeks. If the hair only breaks off at the surface it will grow back faster than if it actually comes out from the root. Regardless, in 4 weeks you'll have to do some sort of clean-up.

2) The hair always come back but it's a little finer. At least it doesn't grow back stubbley like shaving!

3) A body part like your stomach could cost anywhere from $20- $50 depending on where you go. I'd recommend just doing it yourself. An area like your stomach would be pretty easy.

4) There are a lot of at home kits but they can get kind of messy and require some practice to get it right. A couple good ones are:
Poetic Wax (sold at Sephora stores and online at Sephora.com)
Gigi ( http://www.ballbeauty.com/gigi_professional_wax_kits.htm )
One Touch ( http://www.ulta.com/control/product/~product_id=5021297 )

I have the One Touch. It's cheap and works fine.