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10-13-2004, 08:16 AM
Again I'm frustrated at my attempts to lose this stubborn 10lbs that I've been seemingly trying to lose for about 10years now!! Does any one have help or a clue, lost 5lbs in the last month only to get on the scale this morning to discover I gained 2lbs in a week!!! A week of working out hard, hitting the weights, watching my diet, and Lord knows not eating 7,000 calories!!!! Any ideas anyone, I am sooooo fed up. I'm 5'4" 139 and would love to get to 129

10-13-2004, 09:34 AM
Are you taking stats (weight and body fat percentage) to be sure you are gaining muscle and not fat. What is your body fat percentage and what is your diet and training like? How many calories and macros are you eating?

10-13-2004, 10:20 AM
joy your post looks very much like a thread started by deedeenc, i think you should check out what i posted in her thread, "please evaluate my program". i suspect that you are being distracted by the scale and this essentially meaningless 10 pounds. you will be much happier and you will make better progress if you concentrate your energies on making yourself look and feel better. this is what fitness training is all about, right? if it becomes an obssession with abstract numbers we are doomed to disappointment.

10-13-2004, 10:44 AM
Somehow with my luck its just FAT! I do indeed have to take my stats. But it seems like I am stuck here no matter how I break apart my diet and pull it apart I can't figure out how 2lbs!! In one week, I don't think you'd gain muscle that fast. I will try weighing again next week same time and see what happens. This is the most unsculpable body I think that exists! :)

10-13-2004, 11:34 AM
Thanks for the uplifting words bscrusher! Yeah I know I should focus but when you've always weighed bet. 125-130 and now can't get back down those few lbs it's quite annoying and at times mind boggling!

10-13-2004, 09:59 PM
joy get those numbers out of your life! they will drive you crazy. throw your scale away. don't think, speak or write any numbers pertaining to your body weight.

now see what you have left.

what you have left is...

1) the mirror.

2) your perception of how you feel, energy level and such.

3) perceptions of your strength and general physical ability.

use these to gauge your progress as these are the only real measures of actual progress.

post your diet and excercise program. i will bet both can be improved. also post your goals. DO NOT USE ANY NUMBERS WHEN POSTING YOUR GOALS! do not use any numbers in your head when thinking about your goals. your goals should be ideas about how you want to look or feel or some physical ability you want to improve.

10-14-2004, 11:13 AM
Ok here's an average day

B'fast: Tofu scramble (I'm allergic to eggs, can't eat em)
with either 1 organic lean chicken sausage or veggie bacon
(sometimes I'd have cottage cheese and a fruit like a peach or nectarine) I used to do oatmeal but when I cut that, I dropped off that 10lbs.
Snack: Cottage cheese, on the odd occasion a protein bar

Lunch: salad and lean protein

Snack: few nuts or cottage cheese again or 3oz turkey breast

Dinner: veggies and protein source fish/chicken breast or lean beef.

What is it, I drink 2 8 oz cups coffee a day one in the am and the other pm (using Equal to sweeten), I drink lots of water, no juices or such. What might I be doing wrong. I'd love to see more difinition and less belly fat, (though one cannot spot reduce) its not like I've a lard gut but to shred off what's there would be ideal. I know what I see in the mirror is not bad but could be better. I'd like to be much leaner. Maybe I'm too hard on myself as I think we all sometimes tend to be.

10-14-2004, 02:41 PM
It looks to me like you are under-eating, which will slow your body's metablosim and make it hold onto weight (esp. fat stores) for dear life. Also, what are you eating for carbs (energy)? You need to eat carbs (complex carbs) for many reasons and I don't see any in your list.

You might want to look around the Journals section to get an idea of what a balanced diet looks like. Another help is www.fitday.com where you can track your protein/carb/fat ratios.

10-14-2004, 09:56 PM
hi joy, so you do have a goal of sorts. you would like to see some muscular definition in your abdominal region, or at least hardness rather than softness in that area.

the fastest way to accomplish this is, in descending order of importance and/or effectiveness...

do heavy deadlifts.

do other heavy compound lifts with freeweights only.

tense your abs and pull up the muscles of the pelvic floor when you lift.

use "power breathing" and/or "reverse breathing" when you lift.

these can be done with a strength only protocol,

or a muscle mass building protocol.

do no direct ab work such as conventional sit-ups, crunches, leglifts and etc...

do no cardio,

or limit your cardio to 1 HIIT session of 4-15 minutes per week.

eat most of your carbs in the first meal of the day and immediately after your workout.

do not starve.

you can try a freeweight excercise known as "the full contact twist" in martial arts circles, also known in powerlifting circles as "the landmine" or "the grappler".

do hip flexor stretches, do not do standard static stretching, do pneumo-muscular stretching. stretching is done as the last physical endeavor of your day.

rock climbing is a fun sport that really activates the abdominal muscles.

do not overtrain abs! you will put your body into shock and slow down your metabolism.