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06-30-2007, 08:11 AM
Im starting this log to help catalog the progress I make during my transformation. I have currently been training for around 7 weeks. I have been eating around 6 meals aday and have only been lifting with a few spots of cardio.

Ok...so..i have seen some progress and it has helped to motivate me to keep going, HOWEVER...i feel like im still way way thicker than i want to be.

Today during my cardio session i was going over things in my mind, and i just felt this surge of energy and adrenaline. Although I was at the end of my session, it wasn't a type of surge that made me want to run another 3 miles, i felt a second wind to really become even more hardcore with my diet and training. This feeling inspired me to start this log.

This past week I started a cut diet and i have also been doing cardio everyday. For me since i have already been making good progress so far, it really excites me that i have this urge to press on harder, when this is usually the point where i start falling away.

I usually post pics once a week on my bodypace. All of my stats are on there also.

I need all the help i can get!! so any diet suggestions or recipes are greatly appreciated and might help other people too. Also, i will list all my workouts and supps that i am taking as well.

I have always wanted to to personal training, but have never got into it because who would want to be trained by a fatty? So i hope that through my journey i will learn what it takes for people with my bodytype to be successfull in their weightloss endeavors.

So i would appreciate any and all who would like to watch this transformation and contribute to my success and anyone else who might read this.

here we go!!

06-30-2007, 08:12 AM
Here is a list of my workouts, meals, and supps:


dips--bodyweight only (10-15reps)
flat bench- 3-4sets (10-15 reps)--140lbs
Incline-3-4sts (10-12rps)--115lbs
flat bench flys--4 sets (4 reps) 35lbs dumbells

cardio--15 min HIIT jog/run (try to stay as close as possible to 30-45 sec intervals)


pull ups- 4 sets (as many reps as i can to failure)
extended arm pull downs- 4 sets (20reps) 70lbs (machine)
seated row (close grip)- 4 sets ( 20 reps) 80lbs
seated row (wide grip)- 4 sets ( 20 reps) 80lbs (add 10lbs on sets 3&4)

cardio-25min steady jog


Squats-3-4 sets (6-8 reps) 135lbs-150lbs
seated leg lifts- 4 sets (15 reps) 80-100lbs
hamstring curls- 4sets (15 reps)
standing calf raises-3 sets (20 reps) 150lbs

cardio--15 min HIIT jog/run (try to stay as close as possible to 30-45 sec intervals)

thursday (today)- triceps/shoulders

bench dips-4 sets to failure
front and lateral raises--4 sets each (15-20reps) 15lb dumbells
dumbell kickbacks-4sets 10bls to failure
ez curl bar front raises- 4 sets (20 reps) 50lbs
tricep pulldowns (cable)--4 sets (20 reps)60lbs
military press(barbell)-- 3 sets to failure 75lbs

cardio--15 min HIIT jog/run (try to stay as close as possible to 30-45 sec intervals)

ok thats up to today and i will post tommorrow's workout ...uh...tommorrow he he


7am-pre workout--whiteflood, 1 slice wheat toast, 3-5g BCAA's
9am-post workout--2 scoops ON 100% whey, 4egg whites 1/2 cup oats
12pm-- (protein + complex carb) tuna, turkey sandwich, chicken breast,
carb--brown rice, wheat bread, oats, small potato, sweet potato
2ish--2scoops ON whey
5pm--protein + complex carb
7pm-- protein + little or no carbs
prebed- half casein protein(cytosport muscle milk)/half whey protein drink(ON whey)


ON 100% whey protein
Cytosport casein muscle milk
Whiteflood pre workout nitrous oxide
Fire Caps-fat burner

06-30-2007, 08:44 AM
friday workout--bi's and forearm

strip set barbell curls--2sets-reps to failure
barbell curls--2 sets-10 reps each

behind the back forearm curls-3 sets -rep to failure

standing dumbell hammer curl-3 sets--10 reps

preacher curls-3sets-15reps

forearm(not sure what to call this) rope winding--2 sets to failure

concetrated curls- 3 sets 15reps

today i didn't do straight cardio per say, but i did play 18 holes of golf.

my meals were the same as usual,except that i did eat my meal for noon around 1130am....then i didn't get to eat till 430..which is not good, plus i was starving. But anyway...later that night for dinner i ate with my parents and some relatives that were visiting. We ate at a mexican restaraunt and i had chicken fajitas and some beans and rice.

saturday is a rest day--and i think i need it...my calves and my quads are sore from a hard workout this week, plus the added cardio.

i really feel like friday's workout was the best i had this week.

07-01-2007, 09:13 PM
A slow rest day. I ate pretty good today. a little low on the cals though...around 2000 i really need to pay close attention to my macro nutrients. My percentage of carbs was higher than it should be. Cardio is going good, and i will hit it hard tomorrow. Chest day is monday...whew..gettin up early. Bring it.

07-02-2007, 12:18 AM
Great job maestro. You seem to be on top of things. I've also been going a little overboard on my cut with carbs, but just try timing them right for when you crave them the most and when you need the energy. Good luck!