View Full Version : My way of keeping muscle and losing fat(advice needed)

06-29-2007, 05:30 PM
2 1/2 Monthes ago I was 207

Now im 181

I eat 6 meals a day

Monday-Chest/Tri/Abs/Legs cardio (Muscle milk,egg whites,and protein drinks)
Tuesday-Back/Shoulders/Bi((Muscle milk,egg whites,and protein drinks)
Wed-Rest to let the muscle heals
Thursday-Rest to let the muscle heal
Friday-cardio 1 1/2 hr(Protein all day)
Sat- cardio 1/2 (Protein all day)
Sun- cardio 1/2(Protein all day)

So far My bench and everything is the same Im guessing The weight im losing is fat(I drink LOTS OF WATER)

If someone can make a better scededule for me that involves maintaining muscle and losing about 3-4 lbs of fat a week..go ahead