View Full Version : cellmass and creatine in general

06-29-2007, 04:57 PM
Anyone take cellmass by BSN?

I been taking it for about a week, and I?m not really liking it.
It tastes really good, and I like it better then the AST microsized creatine but the way its recommended to take is just making me hate it

You take 1 serving after the workout, and then it says to take another one 6-8 hours later, and the second serving is kind of hard to take because I usually workout at 6pm and by 1am I?m sleeping

I?m about to go back to AST sports science creatine

I?m just wondering would it be ok to take serving 2 like 2-4 hours later?

Also was wondering what would be effect of taking 2 different creatine?s together? Like creatine monohydrate and Ethyl Ester? [I kinda do already mix them since I do take no-xplode before workouts, but I means like AST and cellmass after a workout]