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10-05-2004, 06:51 PM
My girlfriends wants to know if any of you ladies have tried this product and what you think? (I guess theres pictures of Brittney Spears at an airport dropping a bottle of it) And if Tight by SAN ia still the better buy? I'm sure it is but she wants to know. Thank you once again ladies.

10-06-2004, 06:39 PM
LittleRob, I tried Zantrex 3 and it is wonderful for me. If your girlfriend is sensitive to caffeine though, i would not recommend it. I once heard some guy return the product at the store because it gave him heart palpitations so it is a strong product. But boy do you get cut!

They actually tried to recreate the effects of ephedrine with it without the ephedrine per say. But they loaded it up with caffeine. She can try it but she should start slowly and pay close attention to what it does to her. It not only gives you a major boost of caffeine but it also plays with your mood a lot. If she does it, remind her to take a break between bottles once in a while. She'll need it.

She needs to take it about 15 minutes before eating because it is activated with food. Also, recommend her not to take it too late in the evening because it will keep her up. If she's not sensitive to caffeine, she'll be fine. I could sleep 1 hour after taking the pill no problem but I was used to drinking double espressos all the time. However, I did notice, once I stopped, how it had made me really tense and moody.

Physically, she'll start noticing a difference (with training obviously) after about 2 weeks. It's expensive but worth it because it's the only one that worked for me.