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10-02-2004, 12:09 AM
Hey all, i dont normally post here (obviously, im a guy) but i sometimes read here and you all seem so nice! anyway now for my question

as some of you know the drug "vioxx" was recently taken off the market because it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, my mum was on this drug (she has stopped since the recall)
anyway she wants to get completly off drugs for her condition, she has started taking my fish oil, about 6grams a day, and she is going to buy some glucosamine to help her joints
im just wondering if there is anything else she should be do, she is 51 years old, im thinking a bit of weight training would be good, but not sure what she should do at her age, and with her condition, also maybe some form of walking...
if there are any other foods/supplements that are good for helping her arthritis i would like to hear it!

any suggestions are appreciated!
thanks :D

10-04-2004, 12:54 PM
I am 53 and started lifting weights when I turned 50 in college. I do have some osteo in my lower back/shoulders and found lifting did help.

The instructor in that college class did suffer from painfularthritic knees as bad osteo did run in her family. But the exercise did help. There was a 72 year old woman and a 64 year old who took the class for the same reasons. The exercise did help with better blood flow and keeping the muscles flexible.

My husband's mother suffered from rheumatoid arthritis in her later years before she passed away but kept active raising her various farm animals (goats, geese, chickens, rabbits). She had to. The exercise did help her condition from all the movement. On her better days, she would woodcarve.

If she stay inactive...you run into a Catch 22 eventually. This was the loop my instructor's mother found herself in and no amount of convencing would change her. It hurts to move but you have to move to get those tight muscles going and the blood flowing. To get those endorphuns going too. It is getting over the first hurdle and adapting.

In my case, I cannot do reverse crunches or else I can barely walk the next day....but by doing other back exercises, the strengthened support muscles help the back pain quite abit.