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06-25-2007, 02:53 PM
Hey guys, I am about 6'1" 185lbs 23 yrs old. I am definitely a ectomorph (I was like 5'10 130lbs when i was 15). I'm trying to clean up my diet (which has been awful up until recently) and bulk up... I've gained about 10lbs since cleaning up my diet 3 months ago, but i would like to make further improvements.

I would estimate my current bf% to be around 12-13% (My 6-pack is pretty cut in most lights/angles... but not like it was when i was 150lbs!) My goal is to get to around 210lbs by January and keep my bf% hopefully below 15% during that time. Then cut down to around 195lbs and under 10% bf.

This is what I usually eat during the week:

1. Breakfast (7:30am) - A bowl (approx 55g) of Vector cereal with ~200ml 2% milk.
300Cal/13g P/3.2g F/54g C

2. Breakfast 2 (9:30am) - Tim Horton's regular size chunky chicken sandwich, large black coffee, chocolate dip donut.
600Cal/24g P/17g F/86g C

3. Lunch (12:30pm) - Full bag of STOUFFER?S SKILLET SENSATIONS Chicken Alfredo, protein shake with 1 scoop nutrabolics isobolic, 1 scoop allmax quickmass in ~250mL water.
Chicken Alf: 610Cal/42g P/14g F/82g C
Shake: 360cal/37.5g P/5g F/42g C
Total: 970Cal/79.5g P/19g F/124g C

4. Snack (2:00pm) - 2 Handfuls of almonds/cashews
350Cal/12g P/30g F/10g C

5. Pre-Workout (4:30pm) - some kind of crap stomach-filler like a burrito from Taco Bell or a small burger from wendy's...

6. Post-Workout (6:30pm) - protein shake with 1 scoop nutrabolics isolate, 1 scoop allmax quickmass in ~250mL water.
360cal/37.5g P/5g F/42g C

7. Dinner (7:30pm) - M&M Salmon in Dill Sauce and Green Giant bag of vegetables
est: 400Cal/25g P/15g F/25g C

8. Pre-bed (10:00pm) - 125ml 2% Cottage cheese
100cal/15g P/2.5g F/5g C

3080cal/206g P/91.5g F/346g C

plus crap "stomach filler" (est:~260cal/15g/15g/20g)

Total (est.): 3340cal/221g P/106.5g F/366g C

Approx: 32% Protein, 15% Fat, 53% Carb

Yeah I know my diet has a long way to go, but it has come a long way..

Comments/suggestions? esp. for pre-workout stomach-filler that isnt so awful. Also for lowering carbs or increasing fats (if needed?) while maintaining cals above 3300 (I have a real hard time putting on weight and can lose fat with very little effort). Thanks in advance!

06-25-2007, 06:56 PM
your really gonna eat like that for 6 more months? if you are, ur gonna be a fat piece of sh!t. Breakfasts are good. snack is good. preworkout is horrible, you should eat something alot better here, more protein and carbs. PWO meal should be higher in carbs and protein maybe like 70g/50g ~ same with your dinner. You will never gain the weight you want by not upping your protein/carb count. Since you have a hard time putting on weight, try eating even when your not hungry and deff. up your carbs. You can do your 53/32/15 split for awhile but I would quicklychange it to more of a 40/40/20 split

06-26-2007, 08:18 AM
lol, thanks for the critique... but why do you think this diet will make me a "fat piece of sh!t"? Just because of the pre-workout meal? If so, could you recommend something to eat just before working out that wont result in me becoming the aforementioned term!

Like i said i have a lot of trouble putting on weight, i've worked out since i was 17 and my arms are barely 14inches flexed...and prob an inch of that was in the last 3 months when i started this diet.

Also, I'm alot stronger than my lifting stats might suggest... i tore a pec last august (10 months ago) and just started benching again a couple months ago.. i used to bench 225x5 and 255x1. I would estimate that I could do about the same right now if i wasn't taking it easy on my chest... i'm afraid of re-injuring it. So it's not like i'm weak for my size..

Bench 230 (255)
Squat 350
Clean 240

I'm far from a fat POS at the moment..

06-26-2007, 01:16 PM
a good preworkout meal to gain some good mass quick and have a good amount of musclular endurance throughout your workout would be about 55g protein/75 g carbs. include meat/fish, veggies, sweet potatos, salad, oats, fruit, and any sub 70 GI varbs. and a protein shake to top off your protein needs.

weight and bicep width are two different areas to target. you can weigh 220 and have a 13" bicep or weigh 200 and have 17" bi's. You could possibly be lifting wrong or not steadily increasing the weights or sticking to the same routin for too long, there can be numerous reasons why your muscles are not responding to your personal goals. For each goal, there are many correct ways and many incorrect ways of trying to acheive them. But one thing will hold true no matter what; the more you eat, the more you will grow. If you eat unhealthy with empty calorie foods, you will grow excess weight, if you eat healthy calories and make sure that you are watching your carb:protein intake and making sure that you consume the right type of carbs throught the hours of the day, you will grow fuller and see more muscular growth.