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09-20-2004, 01:19 PM
Im F/ 5'4 120lbs. I want to stay that that weight, I liek having curves. BUT I want to TONE UP MY ARMS seriously, as well as my glutes and quads. A little problem is right now I dont have a gym nearby so I knwo I ownt be going, I bought my self dumbells 5lbs and 8lbs. please critique this. (remember I want really toned arms and legs, ASAP) all home exercises with dumbells...

Monday and Thursday: September

Arms: Triceps
3x12 1. Triceps Extensions- Skull Crushers
3x12 2. One-arm triceps extensions
3x12 3. Kickbacks

Arms: Biceps
3x12 1. Dumbbell Curls
3x12 2. Concentration Curls

4x10 1. Squats
4x10 2. Front Squats
3x10 3. Side Squats
3x10 4. Single Leg Split Squats

Tuesday: September

Cardio: (have not decided what?

Wednesdays: September

3x12 1. Arnold Shoulder Press:
3x12 2. Upright Row:
3x10 3. Lateral Rise
3x10 4. Lying external rotations

3x12 1. Shrugs
3x12 2. One Arm, Bent over row
3x12 3. Dead Lifts

09-21-2004, 09:22 PM
To be honest, you are going to have to buy heavier weights... A deadlift with 8lb DBs is going to be virtually useless... When I started lifting (and I am NOT a strong girl), I started with a minimum of 10lbs on most exercises such as bicep curls