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06-20-2007, 01:51 PM
I've been reading a lot and I think I've found a diet that works for my goals. Any help in finalising it before I go buy my food is greatly appreciated, thanks!

BMR - 1750 cal.
Daily Caloric Needs - 2700 cal.
Body fat is currently at 25%, 148 lb.
Plan to cut for three months, 700 calories/day, 4900 calories/week, to get to 15% body fat. Then I plan to start a 5 month bulk.
My only question is regarding my diet - how is it for a cut?

Here's my daily meal plan:

Meal One - 10:00 AM Breakfast
*40g Quaker oats - 150 cal, 5g/27g/3g
*Cup of milk - 150 cal, 8g/11g/8g
*Five egg whites - 85 cal, 15g/0g/0g
**Total - 385 cal, 28g/38g/11g

Meal Two - 12:30 PM Lunch
*V8 - 70 cal, 3g/14g/0g - 2 Full servings of veggies here
*Wheat bread sandwich with pnb - 330 cal, 12g/31g/18g
**Total - 400 cal, 15g/45g/18g

Meal Four - 4:00 PM Pre-WO
*Cup of milk - 150 cal, 8g/11g/8g
*2 Tbsp Peanut Butter - 190 cal, 8g/7g/16g
*15g Protein Shake - 56 cal, 12g/0g/1g
*All the above blended to a shake
**Total - 396 cal, 28g/18g/25g

Meal Five - 6:30 Post-WO
*30g Protein Shake - 112 cal, 23g/1g/1.5g
*24g Dextrose - 90 cal, 0g/24g/0g
*Banana - 72 cal, 1g/19g/0g
**Total - 274 cal, 24g/44g/1.5g

Meal Five - 8:30 Dinner
*1/2 Cup of white rice - 85 cal, 2g/18.5g/0g
*3oz Yogurt - 51 cal, 3g/3g/3g
*6oz Skinless roasted chicken breast - 240 cal, 48g/0g/22g
**Total - 376 cal, 55g/21.5g/25g

Meal Six - 10:30
*Toasted wheat bread sandwich with 1% cottage cheese
**Total - 180 cal, 10g/26g/2g

Totals - 2000 calories, 160g/193g/83g, 37%/44%/19%

I tried to add in as many complex carbs as I could, while keeping the simple carbs to a minimum. Tried to make it a 40/40/20 ratio as well.

The only thing that concerns me is that I forgot to account for the calories that are cut from lifting everyday, with those included I would have a daily intake of around 1500-1700 which is right at my BMR. This means I am cutting 1000-1200 calories daily. Is this ok? I just want to get to around 12% body fat and gain a little bit of muscle within 2-3 months before I bulk.

06-20-2007, 04:20 PM
I plan to buy my food tomorrow.. any help guys? please?

06-21-2007, 03:45 AM
I plan to buy my food tomorrow.. any help guys? please?
No offense, & I don't have time to look over your diet plan in detail now, but you posted your diet plan in the Losing Fat JOURNALS section. Try posting your diet in the main losing fat forum.

As for foods to buy, here is a healthy foods shopping list (you can even print it):

Also, if your maintanence calories are 2700 cals a day, that already should include all your activity factors. Eating at or below one's BMR is not good. It will result in more muscle loss than fat loss.

BMR is just the calories your body burns a day by doing absolutely nothing. It is BMR + Activity calories which equal your Maintanence calories, which is where you subtract either a percentage or set calories depending upon if you are male or female. Also, you didn't include your height so it is impossible for us to run your numbers ourselves.

Patience is key too. Fat loss is not a quick process.