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06-20-2007, 12:44 PM
Hi guys i need some help with my diet plan. I am 5'6 and weigh about 160 pounds. I worked out for 10 months before quiting for half a year. I am looking to hopefully get back to where i was half the time from following a better diet plan.

My goal is to clean bulk and lose the extra fat i gained.

My current diet looks like this

Oatmeal - Calories 120, Fat 2g, Carb 21g, Protien 4g
Grapes(18) - Calories 36
eggs(2) - Calories 154, Fat 10g, Carb 2g, Protien 12g

Chicken Breast - Calories 300, Fat 5g, Protien 40g
Brown Rice(cup) - Calories 215, Fat 1.8g, Carbs 44.8, Protien 5
Pear - Calories 51, Fat 0.6, Carbs 13, Protien 0.6


Whey(2) - Calories 171, fat 0.5g, Protien 40g

Tuna(2) - Calories 120, fat 1g, Protien 30g
Wheat Bread(2) -Calories 170, fat 2g, Carb 32g, Protien 7g
Grapes(18) - Calories 36

Whey(1) - Calories 85.5, fat 0.25g, Protien 20g

Chicken Breast - Calories 300, Fat 5g, Protien 40g

Vegetable Soup - Calories 82, Fat 1.9g, Carbs 13.1g, Protien 3g

Natty PB(1)- Calories 90, Fat 8g, Carbs 3g, Protien 4g
Milk - Calories 110, Fat 2.5g, Carbs 12g, Protien 9g

Total - Calories 2040.5, Fat 52.95, Carbs 140.9, Protien 214.6
Fat - 12.96% Carbs - 34.49%, Protien - 52.54%

I am currently gaining 2040 calories a day.. do i need more food to gain weight?.. It looks like i need more fat.. what do you recommend?

My workout program looks like this

Mondays - Chest
Tuesdays - Shoulders
Wed - Legs
Thurs - Arms
Fri - Back

Also i lost about 20 pounds in strenght on each excercise.. how long do you think it will take to regain back too my regular form?

Thank you

06-20-2007, 01:01 PM
anyone ?


06-20-2007, 01:05 PM
More protein at breakfast.

Add more carbs at workout, maybe up to .5g per lbs.

06-20-2007, 01:12 PM
If you are seriously pushing hard in the weight room, 2000 calories or so won't bulk you up(unless you have the metabolism of a sloth)

I'd increase a few hundred calories each week until you start gaining 2 lbs a month. Don't go over 2-3 lbs a month of weight gain.

Perosnally, your fat intake is a bit low, also, imo, your protein intake is a bit high. I don't think you'd need more than 160-180 grams of protein a day.

06-20-2007, 01:16 PM
thanks for the awesome advice...
Should i do any cardio? or just stick to hitting it hard with weights..
i searched around in these forums and some people near my weight range are taking 200g + protien..

06-20-2007, 01:25 PM
Well, for your workout meal, throw in oats. I also throw in skim milk and a banana, but that's up to you. either 1 cup of oats, or 1/2 cup and a banana would work.

Well, cardio is always good for the body and I think should be done regardless of cutting/bulking. Do cardio, but dont' do cardio that would interfer with your weight lifting. Some basketball here and there is great, some moderate walking, too. But no marathons!

06-20-2007, 03:49 PM
any other suggestions?