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06-18-2007, 07:36 PM
So I used to post to these forums quite a bit back a few months ago, but because of a relationship, I ended up falling off the wagon pretty bad. Was down to 203lbs and around probably 15%bf. Now I am back up to around 228lbs and probably 22-24%bf.

Well, I am out of that caustic relationship and hitting the weights hard. Been good for about a month now, but am not losing any weight. Just putting on some muscle. So here is my plan: I am going to put up my diet and my exercise routine and would love any advice you all have. Here goes:

Meal 1: 6:30- 1 cup oatmeal w/ 1tbsp brown sugar, cup coffee OR 4 scrambled eggs
Meal 2: 9:00- 2 tbsp peanut butter, whey protein in 16oz skim milk, green tea
Meal 3: 12:00- Large salad w/lettuce, spinach, cucumber, brocolli and low fat salad dressing (thinking about switching to olive oil), 4oz tuna or lean chicken or beef, water
Meal 4: 3:15- NO-Xplode OR no fat, no carb yogurt w/ whey protein
Meal 5: 6:00- PWO whey protein, creatine in 10oz milk
Meal 6: 8:30- Salad or brocolli, 4-6oz lean beef, chicken or pork, cottage cheese, water

Morning: Lipo-6, Fish Oil, CLA, Multi-vitamin
Pre-Workout: Fish Oil, NO-Explode before weights
Bed: Fish-Oil

Workouts: I use a Bowflex for my workouts and have never felt a pump before like I do when I push myself hard. I also use a pull up bar and a balance ball.

Day 1:
Flat bench: 190x8 3 sets
Incline: 170x8 3 sets
Incline Flys: 150x8 3 sets
Incline Curls: 55x8 3 sets
Concentration Curls: 70x8 3 sets
Standing Curls: 50x8 3 sets

Day 2:
12minutes HITT cardio on bike
15 minutes workout on a heavy bag
100 crunches with oblique variations on a balance ball

Day 3:
Seated Rows: 190x8 3 sets
Deadlifts: 210x8 3 sets
Upright Rows: 100x8 3 sets
French Press: 55x8 3 sets
Kickbacks: 35x8 3 sets
Skull Crushers: 45x8 3 sets

Day 4:
12 Minutes HITT cardio on bike
15 minutes workout on heavy bag
100 crunches with oblique variations on a balance ball

Day 5:
Military Press: 190x8 3sets
Reverse Flys: 45x8 3 sets
Front Raises: 45x8 3sets
Shrugs: 210x12 4 sets
Squats: 200x8 3 sets
Leg curls: 90x8 3 sets
Leg Lifts: 110x8 3 sets
Calf Raises: 210x20 4 sets

And here is my goals sheet:

-I have lost 20lbs of fat pounds by October 1 and I am down to 210 with a 33inch waist. My clothes fit great and my lines are clean and defined.
-I have lost 8% bf by October 1 and am now down to 15%. I can see my four pack without flexing and my chest, shoulders and arms are so cut and vascular its scary.
-I have increased my bench to 225x6 by Sept 1 increasing it by over 50 pounds since I started. This is not enough. I keep pushing myself to be the strongest I can be.
-I have increased my military to 200x4 by Sept 1 upping it from 135x6 when I started. I keep pushing it to reach 50 pounds more than my body weight. I will soon begin pressing VW bugs just because I can.
-I can run a mile in under 8 min by Sept 1. I am faster with each step. My energy is so high I feel like I can go for another 10 miles.
-I am completely comfortable in my own body...and show it off every chance I get.
-Girls look at me and think DAMN! That is one sexy man!
-I wear clothes that show off my great new body, fitted shirts and nice jeans/pants. GQ style all the way. I will be on the cover of Men?s Health next summer as the ripped medical student who transformed his body to that of a god!
-I come home for Thanksgiving and my family thinks there is a new member of the family I look so incredible. All my cousins and aunts slap their husbands saying why the hell cant you look like that?!?
-I now have a body I am incredibly proud of. I have changed not only how I look but how I think. I am stronger, more confident and so much happier. I will remain this way for the rest of my life
-I eat 6 meals a day each with a lean protein. My diet is consistent and healthy. The foods taste great and are great for me. I get asked about my diet at least twice a week because it has helped me to look so good.
-By Christmas, I am in the best shape of my life. I am down to 180lbs and under 10% body fat. My abs are ripped and my muscles make women and little children cringe at their size and definition.
-My I look forward to each and every day. Each day brings with it a chance to better myself and those around me. I am happy and healthy. People look and me and see a truly happy person and secretly wish to be me.

OK, so this is it. I am including my pics so if you guys have any advice or any guesses at my body fat, please let me know. Cheers all.