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06-17-2007, 12:02 PM
I've been regularly lifting this summer for a little over a month now. I've definitely seen some gains in strength but not much in terms of weight loss, so I thought it was time to start a fat loss specific journal.

As a little background, I was heavy into competitive sports through high school. During the last two years of college, I haven't really been too active and have gained some weight. I'd like to lose fat and hopefully increase strength this summer, as well as make a plan I can really stick to during the school year. Most importantly, I want to improve my health.

Any input regarding my diet and workout plans would be great. Itd just be great to know if I'm on the right track and if not, how to get there.


When I plug in my stats, its suggested that I get over 2500 calories per day to maintain. So I've been shooting for around 2000 a day, but a lot of times I have problems getting enough food. I'm also really confused as to whether or not I'm eating the right stuff. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

meal 1 (pre workout): 1/2 old fashioned oats, 1 scoop whey protein, serving of fresh fruit on top

meal 2 (post workout): protein shake. I make different ones but it tends to be two servings of fruit, water, and a scoop of protein.

meal 3: 3 egg whites, a small amount of cheese, and deli sliced turkey on 2 slices of wheat bread

snack: peanut butter toast or protein/ granola bar

meal 4: dinner which is whatever my mom cooks. She's been eating healthy for over a year now so it tends to be pretty healthy. some form of a lean protein and vegetables usually.

With that, my caloric intake is ~1550 (29 g fat, 193 g carbs, 142 g protein), but I'm not sure where to add food or how.

I work out 5 days a week, taking the weekends off. I also do everything in 3 sets (1 warmup set of 12 with light weight, a set of 10 reps, and a final set of 8 reps)
Monday-Chest/ Triceps mostly
bench press, incline bench press, dumbbell flyes, triceps extension, skull crushers, and military press.
20 minutes of HIIT with warmup and cooldown on the treadmill.

40 minutes of low intensity cardio (walking with an incline). Sometimes I also play tennis in the afternoon for 90 minutes or so.

Wednesday- Legs
calf raises, lunges, leg press, squat, and two machines at my gym for inner and outer thigh
20 minutes of HIIT again.

low intensity cardio for 40 minutes

Friday- Back/ Biceps mostly
T bar rows, wide grip pullups, close grip lat pulldowns, good mornings, lateral raises, hammer curls, wrist curls, and barbell curls

06-18-2007, 11:59 AM
I went to the gym this morning and did the Back/ Biceps workout. I did 3 sets (1 of 10 reps, then 8 reps, then 6 reps) with 45 seconds in between each set.

T bar rows 35, 40, 45 lbs
Wide grip pullups (Assisted) 60, 70 lbs
Close grip latpulldowns 60, 70, 80 lbs
Wide grip lat pulldowns 80 lbs
Good mornings 20, 25, 30 lbs
Lateral raises 10, 12, 12 lb dumbbells
Hammer curls 12, 15, 20 lb dumbbells
Barbell curls 12, 15, 20 lb dumbbells
Wrist curls 12, 15 ,20 lb dumbbells

For cardio, I did HIIT. I walked for 8 minutes for a warm up, then did 30 second intervals of 4.5 mph and 8.0 mph for 7 minutes. Then I cooled down by walking for 5 minutes.

06-18-2007, 10:49 PM
meal 1: 3 egg whites, shredded low fat cheddar cheese, 4 slices of deli turkey meat on whole wheat bagel. low fat vanilla yogurt with strawberries

meal 2 (post workout): strawberry banana shake. 1 banana + strawberry ON whey + water/ ice cubes

meal 3: southwestern mix (black beans, tomatoes, and corn), diced grilled chicken on whole wheat tortilla

snack: luna bar

meal 4: pot roast with carrots and potatoes

I usually don't get that high of a percentage of fat since I've been home. I'm guessing its because my mom made pot roast tonight and I didn't have time to make anything on my own really, but I don't think 22% is that awful?