View Full Version : Are these foods good enough for 1 day?

Eagle fan 123
06-14-2007, 10:17 PM
10:30 Meal 1: Special K breakfast cereal and a glass of milk

11:30-12:00 run on the treadmill

1:00 Meal 2: 3 boiled eggs and an apple

4:00 Meal 3: Salad Bowl with 1 boiled egg and ice pop

4:15-4:45 run on the treadmill

4:55-5:00 drink a cup of milk

5:00-5:25 lift weights

6:00 Meal 4: 2 boiled potatos with peach

8:00 Snack: 2 strawberries and 3 crackers

8:15-8:45 run on the treadmill

Over all I will run an hour and a half on treadmill with 25 mins of weight lifts. Thats like 6-7 miles on the treadmill.

Is this a good workout plan? If not what can I do to make it better?

06-14-2007, 10:36 PM
I seriously hope your joking about this plan. No offence but be prepared for an upset. You have nothing but simple carbs as in fructose from the fruit and little to no protien and way to much cardio imho. the only thing positive i could say about your plan is spreading meals out but looking at it thats hardly 1000 cals which at your age you need atleast twice that since you're still gorwing. Try Putting some lean meat in each meal and some more greens instead of all this milk and cut your cardio because your going to burn yourself out. I mean lets be honest you can lose weight on this but do you plan on suffering for the rest of your life eating like this because thats what you will have to do because soon as you up in cals your BF is going to sky rocket. 0_0

Good luck

Eagle fan 123
06-14-2007, 10:37 PM
Aight I'll add some Meat in there.

06-14-2007, 11:11 PM
Just eat whatever you want without eating any junk food and you'll be fine (no pizza, potato chips, soda, mcdonalds, ice cream, cake, etc.). Eat normal stuff like chicken or pasta or even macaroni and cheese...... must be hard to focus on dieting and crap @ 15.

06-15-2007, 12:31 AM
Are you serious? You're 15. Eat whatever you want except junk food. Unless you're overweight, then get atleast 2000 calories in. Definitely don't try to starve yourself like you are planning to do with that meal plan.

06-15-2007, 04:00 AM
You wont be able to keep up that much cardio anyway.
Give your stats for more help. Pics would be beneficial to.