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06-12-2007, 08:37 PM
Hello everyone,
2 days ago, i joined MIchael Elias's program. I currently weigh 179 lbs as of Monday. Today, i weigh 180.5 lbs. I currently have my diet that I am following, as well as a customized workout plan. This is the 12 week program, so Ive got 3 months to beat myself into shape, because i do not want to stay like this forever. *Im 16, and 6"0, i measured myself as 6"1 last time with shoes on, im 6"0 without.

I look pretty bad, ive got pretty big n pointy man boobs, which have hindered my since 6th grade, and got me seriously considering suicide, beacuse I just didnt want to deal with being fat anymore. Thank God i got ahold of myself, and now It has become vital for me to get into good shape. I still have those thoughts sometimes, but I just push them away. I have gained weight a little bit from this diet + exercise, but I was on the atkins before. I currently now fit into an L Abercrombie hoody, and an XL hollister hoody. My goals are to fit in M Abercrombie, and L or M Hollister. MY biggest thing is getting rid of the moobs, which just have made miserable and the brunt of lots of jokes.

Here is my Workout journal for today:
It was the Back today.
I got to the gym around 12. I streched for 5 minutes, then proceeded to do some Lat Pulldowns(reverse grip and wide grip). I finished those in about 20 minutes(4 sets, 6 reps), then some One Arm Dumbbell rows. Then i proceeded to do my cardio for 30 minutes. I was sweating like a pig afterwards.

I came home and weighed myself, and i had jumped to 181 some how. After this, I ate the rest of my meals, and am currently sitting here praying that I did all of this right.

Combined with mondays chest and shoulder workout, i feel sore all over. I cant lift my arms above my head, and my chest hurts as i press on it even a little bit. Does this mean i did stuff right?

Also, with the weight gain, this jump to 181 cant be permanent, right? I ate Mcdonalds 2 years ago a lot, and i never jumped 2 lbs in a day.

Wish me luck everyone, and please give me get support for this, As i need all the support i can get.

06-12-2007, 10:13 PM
well congrats on making this decision to live a healthier lifestyle, its porbobly the best one youve ever made and such a mature decision for a 16 yo. I wish i had woke up and realized what was going on @ 16 lol. the reason your this sore is because its the first time youve worked out like this. Eventually it will not be as aganizing and the pain will go away/or your feel like a good soreness. also the jump in weight is because youve weighed yourself at a different part of the day. the more food you eat=the more you weigh throughout the day. I gauruntee you that if you weight yourself tommorow mourning it would come in as much lower. Good luck with what your doing and ill be checking in with you from time to time. and never forget to eat cause in order to lose weight you need to eat, pretty crazy....I know.