View Full Version : Rapid Weight Gain

08-04-2004, 11:10 AM
I'm going on vacation soon, and while I'm there I'll have alot of time to rest and workout, stress-free. This will obviously put me in an anabolic mode, so I plan to take advantage of this time and look to gain alot of weight during the week that I will be gone.

My goal is 12-20 pounds.

I know that it is impossible to gain that much muscle in only a week, so I'm not going in expecting it to be all muscle.

I haven't taken creatine in about 8 months, so I plan to begin another phase of it about a week to a week and a half before I leave, so it can build up in my system. I may change this though, depending on what creatine product I decide to use. Right now I'm leaning towards V12 Turbo, but I'm also considering Vitargo CGL. If I go with Vitargo, I will wait until I am there to begin using it.

Obviously some weight gain will come from the creatine.

Another part of my plan is to carb deplete the week before leaving, taking in only around 40 grams of carbs the first half of the week, and then not eating a single carb until I arrive at my vacation spot. I will up my protein during that time to balance out calories somewhat, as I dont want to lost too much, if any, weight during the carb depletion. Then I plan to load up on carbs, eating really high amounts the whole week. Of course, it will be all complex carbs, except for after a workout.

I've known many people who have carb depleted, then loaded, and they sort of "ballooned" or "swole up" as a result. In a good way, of course. I'm hoping to get that affect somewhat here, though I'm not sure how dramatic it will be, as I am only carb depleting for about a week.

During vacation I plan to up my servings of protein sources from 10 oz. per meal, which is the amount I will be eating the week before, to 12 oz. per meal. Carbs will be upped from a serving of 8 oz., which is the amount I will be using before carb depletion, to 10 oz. 8-10 oz. of greens will also be added to each meal. I plan to eat out 3-4 times, give or take a time or two. I will try to go heavy on protein sources and complex carbs during those meals.

I will have 5 days available to me to workout. My tentative plan is to do a twice-a-day split, with upper body being worked in the morning and lower body at night. Each workout would consist of 20-25 sets, approximately, so that would mean I'd be getting in 40-50 sets each day. My training will consist of basic, heavy compound exercises. I will be closely monitoring my waistline throughout the week, so if I see any signifcant increase, I will tighten up my diet and probably add some cardio.

I had considered following my morning workout with an ABB Extreme XXL for my post-workout shake, and then having an ABB Extreme Body 50 after my evening workout, but I think the Extreme XXL will be overkill due to the fact I'm upping my serving sizes relatively signifcantly from the usual amount. I don't want to go way overboard with the calories and end up packing on more fat than muscle. This is where it becomes a balancing act, and that's why I need anyone's help who has done this before or who is educated and experienced with this.

If anyone has done anything similar to this before, with good results, please let me know what you did. And if anyone has any suggestions for my training, or nutrition or supplements or anything, let me know.