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07-19-2004, 06:06 AM
hi emma,
do you have your meal and workout routine anywhere on this site so i can have a look at it ? thanks, sorry but dont know my way around here too well yet ..

07-20-2004, 03:36 AM
Hey :)

I have an old(ish) one in a thread I posted a few months ago (here: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=250159&highlight=crap )... Things have not really changed since then.... But currently, my weights day diet looks something like this:

5.30am - (pre-workout shake)
200g Fat-free/sugar-free Yoghurt (156 cal, 22g carb, 16g protein, 0.1g fat)
20g WPI/WPC blend (82 cals, 0.2g carb, 18g protein, 0.1g fat)
100g strawberries (32 cals, 8g carb)
200ml water
Total = 270 cals, 30g carbs, 34g protein

7.45am - (post-workout)
80g Oats (300 cals, 50g carbs, 8.6g protein, 7g fat)
30g Hydrolysed WPI (114cals, 1g carb, 27g protein, 0.5g fat)
50g FF cottage Cheese (46 cals, 2.2g carb, 6.5g protein, 1.2g fat)
Total = 460 cals, 53g carb, 42g protein, 8.5g fat
+ 1.5L water and 500ml green tea

10.30am - Muffin
50g Oats (187 cal, 31g carbs, 5.4g protein, 4.3g fat)
2 Egg whites (28 cals, 7g protein)
12g Soy protein Isotale (45 cals, 0.2g carb, 10g protein, 0.1g fat)
100g Cottage Cheese blend (95 cals, 2g carb, 15g protein, 2.4g fat)
30g Applesauce (25 cals, 6g carbs)
Total = 380 cals, 39g carbs, 38g protein, 7g fat
+ 700ml water

1.30pm - Tuna and Kidney Bean Salad
150g Red Kidney Beans (130 cals, 18g carb, 10g protein, 1g fat)
120g Tuna (126 cals, 28g protein, 1g fat)
BIG garden salad (~ 60 cals, 11g carb, 4g protein)
Apple (70 cals, 19g carb)
Total = 380 cals, 48g carbs, 42g protein, 2g fat
+ 700ml water

5pm - Bread and Cheese
150g Creamed Cottage Cheese (145 cals, 1.5 carb, 26.5g protein, 3.4g fat)
150g Celery (14 cals, 2.5g carb)
20g Linseed paste (110 cals, 3g carb, 4g protein, 10g fat)
1 peice home-made linseed bread (95 cals, 5g carb, 10g protein, 4g fat)
Total = 365 cals, 13g carbs, 40g protein, 17g fat
+ 700ml water and 500 ml green tea

8.30pm - Baked Frittata
100g salmon (140 cals, 17g protein, 8g fat)
6 egg whites (88 cals, 21g protein)
600g Mixed vegetables (~150 cals, 25g carbs, 12g protein)
Total = 370 cals, 25g carbs, 50g protein, 8g fat
+ 700ml water

Total = 2250 cals, 210g carbs, 260g protein, 43g fat

Occasionally I will also add:
10pm - Cottage cheese
150g cottage cheese blend(140 cals, 1g carb, 22.5g protein, 3.2g fat)
15g almonds/walnuts (90 cals, 1g carb, 3g protein, 7g fat)
50g mixed berries (20 cals, 5g carbs)
Total = 150 cals, 7g carbs, 26g protein, 10g fat

Before I head to bed...

Which takes the total to:
2400 cals, 217g carbs, 286g protein, 53g fat

Non-weight training days have less cals (usually between 1800 and 2000, with a split of about 170g carbs, 220g protein, 35g fat)

Training - I do a four day split for weights with 3 to 4 days of cardio:
Monday -

Tuesday -
Chest and Triceps

Wednesday -
Abs + flexability training
(+ cardio if I feel like it)

Thursday -
Back and Bi's

Friday -
Shoulders and Traps

Saturday -
Abs + flexability training

Sunday -

Weight training is usually ~ 50 minutes in length (abbies are 30 minutes) and I generally lift in the 4 set, 6 to 10 rep range. Usually ~4 exercises for my larger muscle groups (legs, back, chest, shoulders) and 2 for my smaller (tri, bi, calves and traps). I also use shock techniques such as drop sets and super-sets regularly.

Most of my exercises are large compound exercises, which is much more metabolically demanding and helps keep my HR up the entire time, so I get a good cardio work out as well.
My cardio sessions are usually HIIT or High intensity style (20 to 25 minutes + 5 minutes cooldown) except on Saturday when I do a longer endurance session (1 hr). Heart rate is aimed at above 75% (try to aim for averages of 80%), with my P.R.E kept at 80% or above to whole time.

Ummmm... Yeah...

What else would you like to know?

07-20-2004, 04:56 AM
Thanks for the info Emma, really appreciate it. I am adjusting my diet and training and wanted to take a look at yours.

07-28-2004, 08:18 AM
Hi emma, I am sitting here reading your daily nutrition plan.
How much do you weigh ? I assume you are on a mass building program ? thanks.

07-30-2004, 02:44 AM
Originally posted by powerstar
Hi emma, I am sitting here reading your daily nutrition plan.
How much do you weigh ? I assume you are on a mass building program ? thanks. Nope - not 'mass building' at the moment, rather I am currently sitting comfortably at maintainence calories (2000-2200 is about maintainence for me...).

I am now in (as I like to call it) a 'rest phase' of a mass gaining program. I have just added a few pounds (after non-intentional weight loss...!! Arggg... My poor disappearing muscle!!!) and I am currently involved in a bit of composition change (rather than mass gain). After a few weeks of composition manipulation I will probably attempt to gain a little more mass again, depending on the outcomes...

As for my weight, well, although I do not have scales at home (horrible things they are!! ;)) the scales I do have access say that my weight is usually ~ 120 pounds and, although I have not had my BF measured in a while, I guestimate I am ~12-13% BF (yet feeling somewhat pudgy in comparison to my recent leanness.... **grumble** :)).