View Full Version : Hydrogen13's Summer Fat Loss Journal

06-02-2007, 10:04 AM
Time to start a journal for some motivation and to track my progress.

Starting Stats:

hight 5'11
Weight 229 lbs
waist 45' <--- WOW, i knew i was big, but didnt think i was that big, HUGE wakeup call
chest 44'
quads 27'
calves 16.5'
neck 18'
Body Fat %: 30% According to http://www.he.net/~zone/prothd2.html ( ordering calipers)

Long Term Goal:
180lbs, 13% Body Fat

Short Term Goals:
218 lbs July 1st 2007
206 lbs August 1st 2007
194 lbs September 1st 2007
180ish lbs October 1st 2007
October 1st + build muscle


Purple Wraath
Red Acid
Fish Oil
Multi Vitamin
ON Whey Protien/ BSN Syntha-6

06-02-2007, 03:28 PM
The last few days i havnt done a thing. Sick with strep throat so im taking it easy untill the strep is gone, 8 days of antibiotics to go. I dont have much of an appetite or energy when im sick so hopefully monday ill be feeling up to par.