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06-30-2004, 10:05 PM
Just FYI... i have noticed a few calculation errors in your macronutrients you have recommended to a few people

e.g. for Kamy, you recommended

3. Diet setup: 40/40/20 diet. 40% from Protein, 40% from Carbs, and 20% from Fats.

150g Protein, 150g Carbs, 75g of Fats

1g Protein/Carbs = 4 Calories
1g of Fat = 9 Calories

Split up into 6 meals per day (every 3 hours). That ends up being 310 calories per meal. That's about 25g Protein, 25g of Carbs and 12g of Fats.

Reason for 6 meals: Eating smaller more frequent meals will speed up your metabolism.

The total caloric intake is about 1850.

On 1850cals per day 40/40/20, it SHOULD be

740cals of carbs = 185g
740cals of protein = 185g protein
370cals of fat = 41g of fat

I only noticed because the fat intake recommendation seemed too high....

07-01-2004, 06:39 AM
Thanks imperfectly_lou. You are right. I did make a mistake with the calculations. I'll contact the users right away as well. I'm usually coming up with the #'s off the top of my head.