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05-20-2007, 05:11 AM
you like them in the am? or at night?or both?

05-20-2007, 05:19 AM
First thing when i wake up because you haven't had any protein since bedtime, and then one after my workout.

05-20-2007, 05:25 AM
Of course the majority of ur protein should come from real food rather than shakes. But most ppl would have trouble eating enough regular food 2 get as much protein as a BBer needs, so shakes have their place.

I drink protein shakes at all different times of the day. Exactly what kind & when depends on how my diet plan 4 that day is shaping up & the flavor I feel like having.

Generally I use whey or egg protein in the morning, pre & post workout, if I have a shake late in the day, its casein.

05-20-2007, 06:32 AM
you like them in the am? or at night?or both?

Neither. I drink a protein shake before my workout, and another after my workout.

05-20-2007, 07:04 AM
you like them in the am? or at night?or both?

anytime u want...downing a protein shake is pretty much never a bad thing if u need extra calories/protein to reach ur daily needs.

my favorite bulking meal: the 500 calorie shake and english muffin grilled cheese:

1 scoop american whey banana
1 scoop ON 100% casein
1 cup skim milk
1 packet sugar free oatmeal
1 banana

1 light style whole grain english muffin with 3 slices of Smart Beat cheese

totals about 700 calories. i eat/drink it slowly because of the high calories and high amount of protein.