View Full Version : Abdominal Cramps & Spasms

05-14-2007, 08:08 PM
Weighted Decline Sit-Ups almost always give me abdominal cramps/spasms by the middle of the third set, but I usually just work through it. Today, though it prevented me from even attempting my third set, so I want to see if this is something I should worry about. I'm pretty sure it's not a lack of hydration/calcium/potassium as I get more than enough of all and this is the only exercise that causes me to cramp up. I don't have constant pain, so I'm also pretty sure I don't have a sports hernia. Any ideas?

I train core specifically one day per week on leg day. I do 3x12 decline weighted sit-ups, 3x12 leg lifts, 3x8 Saxon Side Bends, and 3x10 hyperextensions with a medicine ball toss. If it's simply a muscular weakness, are there an auxillary excercises I should add-in? The decline sit-ups are a great excercise and I'd love to keep them, plus it doesn't really seem to be doing anything other than pain, but if I need to stop doing them for a while it's cool.