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05-06-2007, 07:17 PM
I've been working out off and on for a good 5 or so years, have gone though a bulk or two or 3, but instead of following it with a cut just kinda lost focus on working out and keeping a diet and although I lost some weight it was alot of muscle as I wasn't going through a legit cut. I'm at the point right now where I want to go through a serious cut, get my BF as low as I can, and then bulk again. The problem is although I have a basic understanding of a cutting diet I don't know as much as I could and would like some assistance in piecing together a serious cutting diet that I will be on for a month or two, or more. I am 6'5" and about 245-250 lbs. Not terribly fat, but there's a good amount there. I typically work out somewhere between 5-7pm depending on classes and whatnot but those are coming to an end so my summer schedule will depend on my work hours. Thanks very much in advance.

05-07-2007, 02:23 AM
In cutting you really need to be consistent in able for you to achieve your personal goal.

You've got to strive harder even though you feel like you're already giving up, don't stop and go for you goal!

Honestly if we are eating foods especially when cutting, we need to eat a very low calorie. Cos, if your feeding your body more calories than what it is burned some of it will stored as body fat.

High protein diet is a key!
Stay away from saturated fats, sugars, don't eat plenty of carbs, stay away from sweets foods..Also don't forget to take your vitamins and eat a lot of veggies cos it contains a lot of fibers that our body needs in able to clean our system...
Drink a lot of water before working out, in able for you to sweat a lot, sweating a lot means you burned calories as well as fats..
Don't eat carbs at night, end your day by eating high protein foods.
Protein food sources:chicken breast,egg whites,fish,turkey,lean beef.

Sample of 1 week routine cutting:
Cardio 30-45 mins max.
M-weighlifting/ moderate carbs, high proteins
T-cardio,no carbs, high protein
W-weightlifting/moderate carbs, high proteins
Th-repeat M
F-repeat T
S-repeat wed

Good Luck!

05-07-2007, 06:57 AM
^^^ Very good post. Only thing I would add onto that is make sure you are doing heavy compound lifts to help preserve muscle while cutting. There are some who think that doing sets of 15-20 reps are better for cutting to help with definition. Definition will come with low body fat, and I think the pros have this thing figured out. There are tons of videos of Ronnie and others lifting tremendous amounts of weight in the weeks just before a contest.

I reccomend that you post a sample diet of what you were thinking of for cutting and then we could go over it.

05-07-2007, 07:01 AM
yea good post, i agree. my reps don't count much though : D