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04-16-2004, 02:33 PM
Some people really need to understand what the word theory means in a scientifc sense.

Theory in the scientifc sense. (http://www.mwillett.org/atheism/theory.htm)

04-16-2004, 02:47 PM
Its funny that they would throw evolution out there as the first thing that should not be a "theory."

But, the thing is, it is. There is no poof in the fossile record. There is no proof that mutations of an organism on any level will in fact "evolve" that organism into a different organism. Countless "proofs" are frauds (the horse skeletons of north america). Evolution scientists cannot agree on how or why exactly evolution takes place. In fact, with over a hundred years of work with E.coli behind us, (at 20 minutes per generation time, that's over 2 1/5 MILLION generations of E.coli minimum that have been witnessed), and despite forcing or encouraging mutations, they still cannot get anything but E.coli. There is nothing even remotly close today, or EVER seen by man that would suggest a species in a change to another species. So yes, evolution is indeed a theory as defined by the layperson. Thanks for proving that point.

The Kurgan
04-17-2004, 05:58 AM
The interesting thing about science is that even facts "change". For instance, since Isaac Newton every scientists who's worth their salt has known that gravity is a fact. However, Albert Einstein redefined gravity (quite how I'm not sure, my science has always been Biology).

However, some theories carry more validity than others. The Big Bang theory (the term Big Bang was created in an attempt to discredit this theory!) was first given weight by Steven Hawking when he reversed the Black Holes (again, I'm not too sharp on this part), but it was not proven until over 10 years later when 3 degrees of heat was discovered that was left over from the Big Bang, thus pretty much proving the Big Bang as fact and Genesis's 7 Day creation as false.

It's a wonderful thing, Science, when used correctly.