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05-02-2007, 06:26 PM
I'm very overweight and I was recently diagnosed with pcos Poly cystic ovary syndrome with insulin resistance and thyroid issues. So I'm on hormone meds and metformin a diabetes drug but I'm not diabetic yet. My Dr told my to do the south beach diet but I had recently got a diet program from a fitness competitor It's a pretty balanced diet but I don't know if I should follow dr's orders or do the other diet? Anyone have any advice. I really need to find something that works and that I can stick to. Thanks for any help!

05-02-2007, 07:55 PM
Well I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was also put on Yasmin, Avandia and spironolactone. Honestly I worked my butt off at the gym, changed my eating habits (eat clean 6 times a day) and drank nothing but water. My weight wouldn't budge.

I found out that Avandia is known to make people gain weight. I didn't want to be on yasmin (bc). I wanted my body to get back to normal.

In November I went off all medication. To date I have lost 17 lbs. I also had 2 other doctors look at my charts and we desided that I was not prediabetic. They looked over my ultra sounds and said yes there were a few spots of the pearl necklace but no active cycts. I do have alot of the symptoms but was told with regular workouts, eating clean, and a few other tips I could control my PCOS without medication. I use to always be very thin and at 5"10 the highest I ever got was 173lbs. I am now 156ibs. So as you can se I never got really heavy.

Please do a PCOS search on the board. You will find a few other threads with information. I will look for the one I posted with links for you.

PM me, I think I have a few books on PCOS. I sold a few on ebay but I think I have a few left.

Here are a few websites for you to check out on PCOS.

http://www.womentowomen.com/insulinr...ey words=pcos

I hope these help you in your journey learning about PCOS.