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04-12-2004, 04:01 PM
Hey how's it goin?
I'm new to the website and have enjoyed reading some of the topics that have been posted and would like some feedback on what i'm doin.

Past (before serious shoulder injury)

I'm 6'2 and 26yrs old, at the time before my injury i was 265lbs and bodyfat was aroung 13-15% which isn't too bad.. I was focusing on bulking then getting cut up.. I had only been working out for 2 yrs prior and went from 325lbs, 43% bodyfat 52in waist to 235lbs and 12% bodyfat 38in waist in 1yr time...
My diet consisted of the following


12 eggs (9 white 3 yolks)
2 cups of oatmeal
4 strips of Turkey Bacon or Chicken Bacon
Peptide Pills
Animal Pack
Xenadrine (w/ephedrine at the time)


1 Meal replacement (Dorian Yates PRO-MR)
2 Soy Burgers (no bun 15g protein each)
1 Banana


2-3 pieces of chicken or steak (lean cut)
greens (veggies, lettuce, etc.)
1 orange or banana
Peptide Pills

mid afternoon

1 large Sweet Potato (YAM)
1 Xenadrine (w/ ephedrine at the time)

Workout at 4:30

After workout

1 MR (Dorian Yates PRO-MR)


2-3 chicken or lean cut of meat
veggies and fruit
Peptide Pills

Late snack

1 Pro Peptide Shake (Dorian Yates)
1 cup of oatmeal

Early Morning (3:00 am)

1 Pro Peptide Shake (Dorian Yates)

1-2 litres of water a day

With my own calculations i was averaging between 450-500g of protein a day.

When I started eating like this it was rough to get all the food down but i managed and my body got used to the volume of food and liquids.
I was 235 lbs and with 4 months i had kept my bodyfat at 13-15% and gained a whopping 45lbs of pure muscle.
I was shocked and a personal workout friend couldn't believe his eyes everytime he saw me.. I was on this diet for 7 months

I then pop my shoulder and torn the ligaments to shredded wheat and i was out of commission for 2 yrs... (whoever lives in canada will understand the delay.) I tore the front ligaments and also tore a hole in the rear of my rotator cuff.

Now i'm finally healed but not back on the diet.

I would like some feedback on my diet above which i'm looking to go back to in the near future.


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04-13-2004, 07:00 AM
dont see any good fats

04-13-2004, 10:39 AM
What are some good fats that i can add to this diet?

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04-13-2004, 11:47 AM

Healthy Fats

Natural Style Peanut Butter
Olive Oil or Safflower Oil
Nuts (peanuts, almonds)
Flaxseed Oil