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04-08-2004, 11:43 AM
I hear a lot of talk here about what if China became more powerful (which it is).

My absolute favorite science-fiction series of all times is about a futuristic (2200AD'ish) Earth where China controls EVERYTHING.

I have read all of Isaac Asimov's Robots and Foundation series, and even read (and LOVED) the ultimate in high-sci/fi, Hyperion/Endymion.

By far, Chung Kuo is the best written and most eerily realistic series I have ever read.

It's 8 books long and is not for the weak of heart as there is tons of murder, sex with minors, racism (coming from both Whites and Chinese (all other races were wiped out).

Book 1: Chung Kuo: The Middle Kingdom
Book 2: The Broken Wheel
Book 3: White Mountain
Book 4: The Stone Within
Book 5: Beneath the Tree of Heaven
Book 6: White Moon, Red Dragon
Book 7: Days of Bitter Strength
Book 8: Marriage of the Living Dark


I have read the series 3 times so far since 1998 and plan on reading it again soon.