View Full Version : do i need aminos? and more

03-14-2004, 10:17 PM
I was wondering if i should buy some aminos since i will be taking my protein 2-3 times per day (bw meals with oats and pb, and post wo straight)? Shouldnt that suffice?

I'm putting together a grocery list of supps.
Right now i have swole v2, glutamine, flax oil, and ON 100% whey. I have a cheapo multi vitamin, "Natural Wealth Daily Vitammin Packs for Men" -- do i need a better multi?

Ive also thrown in 2g of l-arginine just as a little experiment, so far nothing....possible increase sex drive but i dont think so.

I'll be adding zinc and magnesium (instead of zma which i never had much success with).

Anything else i could add to the mix for gaining size and strength, and keeping gains from previous PH use? besides good natural foods that i already have?

I was thinking about an NO2 product but its expensive and so hit or miss.

Input will be appreciated.