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04-19-2007, 12:33 PM
A while back I strained my left bicep while doing a lot of lifting. I never really thought much of it until the pain started increasing. About six weeks ago, I decided to stop going to the gym to let it heal, and then went to get it checked out. The dr. said i tore some of the fibers off of my tendon near my elbow, and I've been wearing a brace ever since. To add to this, Over spring break a couple weeks ago, I was in the arcade playing the game where a speed bag is dropped down and you hit it as hard as you can. Well I did it without stretching, and ended up hurting my tendon in the other arm! Anyway, I've been reading if you're about 1-2 weeks away from FULL health, you can start doing some light lifting. Does anyone know how light I should use? I plan on going back Monday to do chest and triceps. Before I stopped working out, my chest workout looked like this:

Incline Bench- 3X5 225lbs
Flat Bench- 3X5 240lbs
Dumbbell Bench-3X8 85lbs

What should I start out with Monday to get my body back in shape? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!

Jimmy Smith
04-19-2007, 12:41 PM
I wouldn't jump right back in body part splits. Go more for full body routines using high rep ranges, we need to increase tendson strength here. Also use some eccentric loading and various isometrics. Look up "pec minor stretch" and try to foam roll your pec major and lat.


04-24-2007, 12:46 PM
hopefully you just have some tendonnitis. I have a partial tear of my right distal bicep tendon which is what yours sounds like. The distal portion where the bicep connects into the forearm at the elbow. If you tear it it does not heal per se. It'll scar up but you will not re-grow fibers. Although you are young so maybe if your body is still growing you could.

I was in a brace for awhile and then discussed having the tendon surgically repaired. My doc(who is one of the originators of the repair) suggested we wait for it to rip the rest of the way. Otherwise to perform the surgery he has to cut and re-attach the tendon. Success rate is good but why risk it if you don't have too. That was 2 years ago. The tendon holds up ok but it is quick to get inflamed now with heavy weight work.

The only way the doc can really tell if you tore the tendon is to do an MRI. So you may have only some inflammation which will subside. If you did tear it, you may have problems down the road so be careful. Always warm up the tendon before going heavy. Stretch it. Avoid sudden loading such as dropping down from a chin up or a heavy curl. Try to avoid the underhand position with that arm on your heavy deadlifts. etc. And if you ever do tear it, get it looked at immediately. If you wait too long the muscle will retract the tendon up into the arm and it will atrophy there. They may not be able to stretch it down to where it can be re-attached. This happens in about 4 days or so.