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04-18-2007, 09:21 AM
ya, it's been hell. iv'e been on the 5x5 program this being my 7 week my bench and squats deads are going up great. i was doing dips in week 5 and have had a muscular aching sometimes sharp pain in my shoulder. is this my rotators cuff? its pretty much where my shoulder muscle is.

also iv'e dislocated my knee 3 times while playin football in high school. my squats have been pretty good i started extra light in the 5x5 to give myself some room for more strength. i was squating on monday and was going past parrallel and im thinking maybe a little too far because i had a really sharp pain in my knee the nee that was dislocated (left) on the left side of the knee cap itself. was wondering if anyone had any idea whats going on.

should i quit pressing such heavy weights my bench is at 290x5 squat is 295x5 pretty easy for squats and my shoulder press hasnt been used because too much pain any ideas on what is going on with my body my back also is just always achy IM FALLING APART!

has anyone else felt like they are falling apart as well?!

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Well first off. My name is Titan and I have 5 years experience in bodybuilding training.

to address your question

1. pain in the shoulder could be the rotator cuff itself or other little tendons in between it is hard to tell the exact location without seeing a doctor.

2. having kneecap dislocations from football may set you back or may require you to do different exercises that aren't so harsh on the joints and muscles. I would say quit the squats and do other exercises that will build the legs that aren't so taxing.

3. you can go heavy in different exercises but going on a heavy 5x5 program for 7 weeks is a little lengthy and your body will take its toll.

4. i'd suggest cycling on it for a duration of 4 weeks and then another program that doesn't use such heavy weight. No need for injuries.


04-18-2007, 05:56 PM
I know I am small and my opinion does not count for much, but having recovered from a rotator cuff injury I can tell you how to take the pressure off your shoulder so you can bench. Pull your shoulder blades together, it is probably the only reason I can bench press again. It puts more stress on my back than on my shoulders.

04-18-2007, 06:08 PM
yahh i got the right form im pressn abour 290 n i dont want to stop i feel so strong but this shoulder is a little bitch anyone else have some opinions my doctor sed it was tendonitis should i stop lifting or what?