View Full Version : Never had knee pain untill today while deadlifting. Y?

04-16-2007, 07:40 PM

I'm 22 165lbs 6'0". I never played any sports as a kid, and have never had any injuries besides maybe a minor shoulder impingement from lifting last year. My lifting history is I started back in sept 05 and stopped in june 06 I put on 30lbs of muscle and bulked up to 170lbs while shedding quite a bit of body fat. I mostly did upper body last year like most beginners make the mistake of so I really never had a chance to screw my lower body up. I started back up at the begin of march 07 and I'm on the last week of ABBH (http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=459341)

What Happened:

Today was 5x10 deadlifts, seated calf raises, decline situps.

While on my 4th set of deadlifts at the last rep it almost felt like my knee cap shifted ( atleast this is what i recall hard to say for sure because I wasn't expecting an injury coming ) and it suddenly started hurting like a SOB and it was so bad I couldn't do anymore. It was an instant pain shot that stopped me dead in my lifting session and I decided to quit for the day.

I can tell you it feels like the pain is coming from the middle/front part of my knee. It only hurts now when i get into the bottom of the deadlift position but sitting, standing, and walking and anything else otherwise is perfectly fine. I was only doing 90lbs which was about a 5.9% increase and I was struggling a little bit with it but not so bad where I thought my form was bad. By struggling i mean my pulling speed was slowing down. I'd like to think i have perfect form but it's hard to say....

I iced it and it does feel a little bit better. But again i've never had any knee problems before and I'd like to get this resolved and prevent this from happening again. Anyone have any guesses, of what happened or whats up? will I be fine in a week? Should I go back down in weight and then progress up again or modify my program?

I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

04-17-2007, 03:34 AM
Not sure, but it sounds like your knee might have locked up a bit. I would suggest doing some light cardio such as jogging or the bike before doing anything with legs.