View Full Version : Old Clavicle injury

04-14-2007, 09:09 PM
I injured my clavicle back in 2002. I was wrestling and had my left arm pulled way back. It separated my clavicle and gave my sternum a hairline fracture. I went to a doctor and specialist, but I never had anything done. Just time. About 1-2 years ago I notice that it hurt when I did incline dumbbell press sometimes and also with preacher curls. It hasn't bothered me the last year, but 5 weeks ago after doing some incline dumbbell press my pain came back. Like when I originally hurt it, my left trap hurts and my left bicep feels weak. My arm in general gets weak. My traps stay pretty strong. My bench doesn't go down to much, but other lifts I am severely weaker. For instance 6 weeks ago i was trying for 3x15 on pull ups. Now I can only do one set of 15 and then the next set I can barely do 6. I used to do 15, 15, 12. On curls I can do 3-5 more reps on my right arm than left (when shooting for a set of 10) Either way, it isn't getting better and the weakness is driving me crazy. (On a bright note my legs have been getting way stronger.)

So after all that, should I just see my doctor again or maybe a chiropractor. I have never seen one, but I was just curious if he could spot something. Either way I am lost, it is really bugging me because I just was going to start to try and put on some more strength. Started taking x factor and it is helping my legs but being wasted on my upper body (or so it feels.)