View Full Version : On Hold because of bad Miniscus

04-13-2007, 10:04 AM
My doctor said that I am sidelined for two weeks. I have strained ligaments and my miniscus is slipping out of place. I was told to do nothing for two weeks to see if the ligaments will strenghten. What can I do for cardio that won't include my legs???????? I need to continue cardio to reach me weight loss goal. Please advise before i loose it.

04-13-2007, 10:13 AM
Turned out I have a BAD MCL & slight miniscus issue.

After seeing 4 Docs I finally ended up at Ortho Doc with 20 years of experince(in sports injury) After 25 X-rays & 2 MRI's. The Miniscus was just a sign that my MCL had suffered repeated damage over the years. So you may want to make sure that there isnt anything else going on in your knee.

The funny thing the Doc told me is I want to go slow but build as much leg size & strength as possible. To help in the long run as I age.

Things I had to give up where basketball & long distance running.
Things I had to start doing to get back into the swing of leg training stationary Bike. ( God I hate it ) Right now I wear a Brace when I do any kinda of working out. Even if its not leg day. Just one good twist loading or unloading a weight could be bad.

So what you could do is ride the bike.. make sure its set up for your height & such. No need to over stress your knee. Plus whats two weeks off if you really cant get around it take it off & then come back slowly. A number on a scale is not worth messing up your knee in the long run.

I am not a Doc just letting you know what my DOC to ME what I can DO!
As always listen to the Doc. or seek out a Better Doc.

Good luck