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04-12-2007, 02:21 PM
Since I tore my labrum, i've been hitting my legs pretty hard every other day or so.

I started off today by walking a few laps to loosen up, then stretched for 5-10 minutes.

I start hack squatting, and the pain hit me again.

it's this groin pain in my right leg. I can tell it's on the outside of the thigh, not the joint. It's not exactly between my legs, it's more towards the front. It only is felt when i'm pushing up, almost fully extended. I do not have to lock my knees out to feel it

Now during half the reps, the pain was nowhere to be found...and it was random...two reps would be fine, one would hurt, next would be fine

my right hip pops a lot more then my left one does. Hack squats, squats, and leg press are the only times I get that pain. I use a wide stance, and I didn't feel it when I did a narrow stance (but then again, I didn't go heavy). I only get the pain when I go heavy.

When I do the hip machine doing the thigh adduct movement, I don't get the pain, just a lot of popping. however, when I do (I don't know the name) the exercise that looks like i'm kneeing someone, I can feel something at the front of my right hip...kind of like tendons snapping over each other, but it isn't painful.

Does anyone think this is serious? I'm "not allowed" to visit the doctor for a while...

edit : ive never felt this before from leg pressing, but I havn't ever done it this often and this heavy

04-12-2007, 06:04 PM
Try to follow the reasoning here:
Your shoulder and your pelvis (at the sacroiliac joint) need to move harmoniously for proper walking to take place.
Bad shoulder and bad pelvis go together quite frequently. The hip (femur head to acetabulum) directly inserts into the pelvis.
If the pelvis is torqued it may cause great weakness to the hip and/or shoulder (change the order above to C may cause A and cause B etc.)
The inguinal ligament and others in the groin will inflame (much like the hernia case) if this system is disrupted. I would work with whomever is confident to help. You may need MD/PT for the shoulder. You may need a competent (trained in pelvis correction) chiro for the pelvis.