View Full Version : Pain/soreness response guidelines?

04-12-2007, 11:46 AM
When a particular exercise starts to hurt, there are several levels of response possible:
1) Accept it as normal and continue.
2) Reduce the weight and/or reps.
3) Cut that particular exercise from my routine. (Either temorarily or permanently.)
4) See a doctor.
Does anyone have any guidelines for determining which option to choose in a given situation? Also, in response #3, how do I determine when to start again?
Most of the gains I have made have taken a long time, and I hate to lose any of them by stopping an exercise, but the risk of permanent injury is worse.

(At the moment, the relevant example is seated curls. I had to drop them by 10lbs per hand because of elbow and tendon pain. Lat pull-downs can also make it sore, but preacher curls and hammer curls both seem to be ok.)