View Full Version : fix for medial mensiscus sprain/minor tear

04-10-2007, 04:23 PM
This will be described in steps

1. lay off the leg weights until the rehab portion is through.
2. Get your spine checked and femur adjusted by a competent chiro (Gonstead technique or Innes Mopal).
3. Get on an exercise bike in the gym, pedal backwards super slowly with zero resistance. Work up to 15 minutes a session. After 2 weeks,
3. Low weight (lowest setting) leg extensions and also wrap an ankle strap on and use the cable machine (lowest setting); the motion is like kicking a soccer ball. Do these for two weeks then slowly get back into your squats etc.
It takes six weeks for full healing if you have success with the above steps.

for more info see my rehab/prevention thread

not a prescription, not a substitute for a direct exam and care by a competent professional.

Dr. Oziem