View Full Version : quad pull? partial tear? playing softball

04-07-2007, 04:01 PM
I play in a mens sball league and at my first at bat...i was jettin to first and i could feel this little pull in my right quad like right around the middle of the top of my thigh, and since i play out field, running after fly balls made my other quad feel the same....but i could still run fairly fast and its not really sore today only when i do squatting motions and even at that there really isnt pain, more of a tight uncomfortableness...could anyone tell me what i have or what happened? it happened to me last week at practice too...dont do a lot of stretching before the game, so that could be a reason....but it never happened before...? reps for help on healing and diagnosis thx

04-08-2007, 08:13 AM
I tore my left quad back in 2003 running down a softball in the outfield. It felt like I was stabbed with a hot fire poker.. It was the worst injury I have ever felt. It took me 3 months, to get back to where I could just jog without feeling the tear. I can still feel where the tear happened and it is alot tighter in that area than my other leg. To me, it sounds like you strained the quad, which is a real minor tear. I would just rest it from those powermovements, like sprints, lunges, and squats. When you do those, that muscle is tightening, and it will tear it more. The best thing I did for my quad tear, other than rest, was leg extensions. That did not hurt the tear, and I was breaking down the muscle and building it back up.. Something else I did, not sure if it had much if any affect, but I increased my protein levels to try and help out that muscle.