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10-20-2003, 07:12 AM
Of all things, I found this guys plan on a P2P program. I'm not saying his lifting program is what I choose, but I love how he was so specific in what he will and won't do.


The weight loss plan than I will undertake will be made up of three separate active factors: cardiovascular exercise, weight lifting, and diet. There will also be a statistical factor, where the food intake, alcohol intake (as separate from food), cardiovascular activity and diet will be noted. Weight as well as photographs of my progress will also be included to both appreciate and evaluate my progress, and hopefully as a motivational factor.

I. Cardiovascular activity.

The cardiovascular activity that I will undertake will be six days of week, with a day of rest always coming on Saturday. As long as I live at home, the cardio work out will consist of burning 6000 calories per week on the EFX machine. This will be done ideally in increments of 1000 calories per day. Any day where less than 1000 calories are burned should be made up during that week and no later than Saturday. Because of time restrictions on the EFX, it is important to use it as early as possible. Records will be kept daily and then weekly of the number of calories burned and than a minus, check, or plus awarded (minus = below 6000 calories; check = 6000-6500 calories; plus equals above 6500 calories). This grade will be a factor in the motivational strategy.

II. Weight Lifting

The Weight lifting that I do will include two different workouts, day 1 and day 2.

Day 1: Chest, Shoulders, and Back
1. Incline (15 x 55, 10 x 55/ 12 x 65 , 8 x 65/ 10 x 75, 6 x 75)
2. Shoulder Press (10 x 45) x3
3. Decline Bench (80 x 10) x3
4. Seated Row (10 x 135/ 10 x 150/ 10 x 165)
5. Cable Pulls (10 x 60/ 10 x 65/ 10 x 70)
6. Lat Pull Down ( 10 x 135/ 10x 150/ 10 x 165)
7. Flat Bench (10 x 70/ 10 x 80/ 10 x 90)
8. Machine Seated Row
9. Machine Shoulder Press A
10. Machine Fly
11. Machine Back Extension
12. Machine Lat Pull Down A
13. Machine Lat Pull Down B
14. Machine Shoulder Press B

These numbers will be changed on a rotating basis. Numbers 1-7 will be changed once every seven weeks in the cycle which lasts seven weeks. For all except 4 and 6, this change will be an increase of 5 pounds for each exercise. For 4 and 6 it will be 7.5 pounds. After each seven week cycle there will be a break for the increase of weight lifted. During this break the weight lifted will be held steady while the amount increased for the other cycle occurs.

Day 2: Biceps, Triceps, and Legs
1. Standing Curl (10 x 70) x 3
2. Standing Triceps Extension (15 x 70/ 10 x 80/ 15 x 70)
3. Preachers Curl (10 x 25/ 10 x 30/ 10 x 35/ 10 x 30/ 10 x 25)
4. Preachers Extension (10 x 25/ 10 x 30/ 10 x 35)
5. Seated Curls (20 x 30) x 3
6. Seated Triceps Extension (10 x 70) x 3
7. Machine Biceps
8. Machine Triceps
9. Machine Leg Press
10. Machine Leg Extension

The second six week cycle of weight increases will include numbers one through six with the same 5 pound weight increase. This will give me 4 full cycle per year of 13 weeks per cycle. Stats will be kept daily and compiled weekly. At the end of each cycle the weekly compilations will be entered into an Excel worksheet and the percentage changes noted. The weight lifting will be graded either Pass or Fail, as all of the exercises must be completed on their scheduled day. With this information we now can compile statistics.

Statistics Example
Date Weight = ? Cardio = # of calories burned Lifting = Pass/Fail

With this information will come the end of week grades. During the program, two days per week will be allotted for going out. Other than this, no alcohol can be drunk. Therefore: Any day where an F is received will eliminate one day of going out for the next week. Also any week where the Cardio does not receive a check will also cost me a day. If all days Pass and the Cardio total is over 6500, that is, a plus for the week, I will allow myself the option for going out once more in the following week, but if this option is declined the option cannot be extended to the following week

1. Alcohol and Soda are forbidden except when going out.
2. 3 meals per day must be eaten with no snacking in between
3. Only water or no calorie soda may be consumed between meals.
4. Fruits,. Vegetables, and salads are to be encouraged, all meat, and especially red meat are to be discouraged.
5. When eating a meal, eat only what is taken during the first helping, and do not take too much. It is important to maintain good food discipline.
6. When eating out, be very careful.
7. No candy, cookies, chocolate, ice cream or anything deemed by Claire to be inappropriate may be eaten.
8. For every violation of this rules there will be a punishment. There will be a fine of 5 dollars that will be paid to Claire for each violation and this fine will double if not paid in the week in which the violation occurs. If after two weeks the fine is not paid, fine is fixed (that is to say a fine cannot reach above 10 dollars) and Claire is allowed to come up with a punishment of her own thinking. If this situation should occur, Claire’s decision can only be overruled by Mom if she declares it to be too severe.



10/29/01 226.5 lbs. 1001 calories Pass

10/30/01 223.0 lbs. 1003 calories Pass

10/31/01 221.25 lbs. 1002 calories Pass

11/01/01 219.25 lbs. (504 calories) Pass 500 calories owed

11/02/01 221.25 lbs. (875 calories) Pass 625 calories owed

11/03/01 223 lbs. 1001 calories Pass 625 calories owed

11/04/01 627 calories 0 owed

WEIGHT CHANGE +/-: -3.5 lbs.
LISTING OF DAYS OUT AND FINES PAID: Out on 10/31; weight on 11/03 is partially the cause of eating a big lunch at Annie Gunn’s just before going to the gym;
$10 in fines to Claire


11/05/01 220.5 lbs. 1002 calories Pass

11/06/01 220 lbs. 1002 calories Pass

11/07/01 219.5 lbs. Sunday Pass