View Full Version : Counting calories. I need your help

11-28-2018, 10:28 AM
Hello people, I have trouble measuring my calorie intake. It's a long post, sorry for that.

I am currently 192ish cm (6'3) and around 74-75kg (165), I turned 20 this october.

So the first time I went to gym was 11.01.2018. At that moment I was same height and 67-68kg (150lb) weight and as I started I've been told to eat whatever the **** I want whenever I want and so I did. I literally ate whenever I could and tried to keep it as healthy as possible but I ate everything. Mid february I got mass gainer because I was still eating whatever I wanted whenever I could and I was gaining weight rappidly. Because I thought that's the proper way to do so. By end of march I was at 78kg (171lb) and I thought I was building muscle when instead it was mostly fat (I guess it was mostly fat).

Long story short I had to take a pause from gym for some reasons and I paused untill now and now I want to properly build muscle without unnecessary fat and without wasting my money and time on nothing.

So I bought some guides and got introduced with calories and how much calories should I take.

Now I'm very active throughout the day, I get to walk from around 7km(4.4 miles) to 11km(6.8 miles) on a work day (8, sometimes 10 hours)

So that's 10 to 15-16 thousand steps each day not counting going to the gym by foot and back home which is another 2.5-3km it adds up and up. So I calculated some math (actually online calorie calculators) and it gets to around 3200 to maintain my weight and 3700 to gain 0.5 per week if the calculations are right because I can't select how many steps I take each day, all that with minimum fat I guess, proper healthy nutrition.

Now as I get my lunch on workday from restaurant that delivers food to my workplace, I get to chose what to eat but I can't exactly measure how much grams of food I take therefore my calorie track gets messy and ****ed up.

What should I eat in the morning, when and what should be my second meal of the day. I wake up around 5:45 and around 6:30 I finish my breakfast and preparing for work. I work from 7 to 11, at 11 is my lunch break, which I cant measure(example, one day it's bigass piece of grilled chicken with greens and the other day is a bit smaller with some vegetables which I also, can't precisely measure, so how the **** do you people do it). Do I eat something inbetween 11:30 and 15:00/17:00 when I end with my work for the day. And if yes can you recommend me something.

It's just a pain in the ass to measure. Today I was eating some loaf bread slices and it's energetic value is set by 100grams, how am I supposed to know how much of it I ate. It seems to me like as if I am trying to hit a bullseye (track of how much food I took in) with rifle whilst being partly blindfolded. Since I don't own a scale, is it necessary for me to get one and when it happens for me to have a lunch where I can't use scale (my work) how do I somewhat precisely know how much I ate.

It's a long ass ****ing post and I really wanna get gains, real gains not fat, I wanna get lean, please guys just direct me and I will somehow find my path.