View Full Version : Food delivery services for bodybuilders?

03-13-2018, 06:42 PM
Looking for a service that prepares meals and delivers them to you on a regular basis, lists macros of meals/meal plans, and is geared towards fitness. Are there any that you know of/would recommend?

I'm in connecticut near nyc.

Side note: I've explored cooking and preparing meals myself, but decided against it. I've also searched the forum for similar threads, and a number of people have asked this question before -- the discussion seems to shift pretty easily into "just cook your own meals, stop being lazy" and "I'm busier than you and I still find time to cook!" If you choose to cook your own meals, that's great, but there are already plenty of threads for that. Let's try to focus replies on food delivery services, rather than bashing. Thanks! :)

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03-13-2018, 07:15 PM