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03-04-2018, 06:42 AM
So I've been lifting properly for about 2 and a half years now, but because I started from being seriously skinny, like 60kg at 5'11, I always put way more effort into a bulking than making sure I stayed lean. Now 2 years down the line I'm around 90 kilo, and decided it's time to try and lean down a bit. I've not got massive amounts of fat on me anyway, like 18/19%, so I only really want to drop to around 14/15%.

I've tried using one of those fitness apps to track my calorie intake. When trying to put muscle on I'd generally be eating around 3600 a day if not more, but this app has decided that to lose around 0.2 kilo a week I should be eating 2100 calories a day, which seems ridiculously low to lose fat without losing loads of muscle too?

If anyone could give me some indication of a way to calculate the amount of food I should be eating in order to lose fat without losing too much muscle at the same time, or point me to any sort of routines or programmes that work for cutting that would be great.


03-04-2018, 06:48 AM
Calculators are only guesses; if you gain at 3600 then try eating 3000 for a few weeks and track weight loss. Adjust based on results from there and add or subtract calories until losing ~1 pound per week.