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02-25-2018, 10:48 AM
I'm 5'6,
16 years old
and I've been cutting with:
197g carbs
145g protein
26g fat
Total calories: 1600

I made these macros 5 weeks ago, right after researching the very best ways to cut while gaining muscle.
These past 5 weeks I've been hitting the gym very commonly (just about everyday). I spend anywhere from 3-4 hours at the gym. I continue to increase weight when resistance training. However, I do have days where I do not exert myself as much but I like to stay moving everyday, I like to walk, swim, or play some basketball, if not in the gym. I've stuck to these macros for about 5 weeks, I've seen some major changes occur (bigger muscles when flexing, overall more toned muscles, ect) I feel like these macros are working, but I think that my fat may be a little low. My fat proves to be a harsh barrier, I have to be very careful when eating just about anything. I also just recently had my right arm experience problems, I think I may have curled to much in a day, as a result the right side of my right arm has been sore for a few days. Since it stared hurting, I've stayed away from any arm workouts. Instead, I've been working my legs, back, abs, ect. Anyhow, I think the main cause of this injury is due to the low fat I've been ingesting. Thank you for reading this, please recommend any macros you think would be more of a fit for my needs. I've already heard of the 40c/40p/20f, It looks very doable, tell me what you think.

02-25-2018, 10:51 AM
Sorry, we don't offer advice on calorie restriction to minors. You should only lose weight if directed to by a doctor - at 140lbs that's not very likely.

Just eat wholesome protein rich foods and lift hard - is all you should have to do.