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02-08-2018, 01:45 PM
Hi everyone newb here
I’ve trained on and off for the best part of 10 years, since the age of 16. Wasn’t happy in my self weighing 306 lbs in September 2017 so I started dieting, no training and got down to around 278lbs by Jan 9th. I decided I wanted to start training again and have done so for the past 5 weeks. Upper/ lower 4x a week with cardio after each session.

However I’m concerned about the amount of muscle mass iv lost (wasn’t much to begin with)

Jan 9th weight- 278lbs BF-32%
muscle mass- 179lbs

Feb 8th- 250lbs BF- 28%
muscle mass- 169 lbs

Is this loss of muscle ok on a cut or is there something not good? I am stronger in the gym so I was abit taken aback when i discovered this’s

Sorry for the lengthy post

02-08-2018, 01:49 PM
yeah, lean body mass and body fat reduces if you go on a caloric deficit. You can decrease/maintain lean body mass with a high protein diet

congrats on losing 28 lbs in 1 month though.

my philosophy is this, don't worry about muscle mass, you should worry about your BF% more. You can ALWAYS bulk up and gain muscle once your cut is over.