View Full Version : is my vertical really 44 inches?

11-12-2017, 02:42 AM
I got a hoop near my park in Australia. I am 171.5 cm tall and a normal back board is like 284 cm off the ground right? I dont take any steps and touch the bottom of back board and about 1/4 of a finger above it. This gives me a standing vertical of atleast 44 inches. Am i doing the math right? I feel like no way my vertical is that high. I am 90kg and i am about 1-2 inches (im not sure) from touching the rim when i have a good run. Pretty close to touching it, my mates say. Do i really have that kinda vertical ?? i feel like im doing something wrong idk coze i thought 44 inch was fairly decent vertical

11-12-2017, 02:53 AM
oh wait i see what i did its because i didnt take in to account my reach. my reach is 260 cm so this gives about atleast 35 inches standing vertical? does it look right guys? is it good vertical